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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Important principle in Shobogenzo (15) Busso


The Buddhist Patriarchs
Butsu means "buddha" or "Buddhist," so means "patriarch," and there-fore busso means Buddhist patriarchs. Master Dogen revered Buddhas of the past; he also esteemed the Buddhist transmission from Buddha to Buddha. Furthermore he believed in the continuity of the Buddhist order; the successive leaders of the Buddhist order held an important place in his thought. Here Master Dogen enumerates the names of the Patriarchs of the Buddhist order, and in doing so, he confirms the Buddhist tradition they maintained.

(1) The realization of the Buddhist patriarchs is [our] taking up the Buddhist patriarchs and paying homage to them. This is not of only the past, the present, and the future; and it may be ascendant even to the ascen-dant [reality] of buddha. It is just to enumerate those who have maintained and relied upon the real features of Buddhist patriarchs, to do prostrations to them, and to meet them. Making the virtue of the Buddhist patriarchs manifest and uphold itself, we have dwelt in and maintained it, and have bowed to and experienced it.

(The traditional worship of the Buddhist patriarchs are the taking up each Buddhist patriarch for revering and serving them. Not only in the past, present, and future, but it may be ascendant even to the ascendant reality of buddha. We should pick up Buddhist Patriarchs, who have been keeping the faces and eyes of Buddhist Patriarchs, and we prosrate ourselves in front them and meet them directly. We have manifested the virtue of Buddhist Patriarchs actually, and lived in them and maintained them. We have protestrated ourselves in front them, and experience their life actually.)

We, Buddhist monks, when we have recited Sutras, for example, San-dokai, Hokyo-zanmai, or Daihi-shindarani, we usually recite the names of all Buddhist Patriarchs as follows.

(1) Bibashi-butsu Dai-osho
(2) Shiki-butsu Dai-osho
(3) Bishafu-butsu Dai-osho
(4) Kuruson-butsu Dai-osho
(5) Kunadonuni-butsu Dai-osho
(6) Kasho-butsu Dai-osho
(7) Shakamuni-butsu Dai-osho
[1] Makakasho Dai-osho           [51] Eihei Dogen Dai-osho
[2] Anan-da Dai-osho            [52] Ko-un Ejo Dai-osho
[3] Shonawashu Dai-osho          [53] Tettsu Gikai Dai-osho
[4] Ubakikuta Dai-osho           [54] Keizan Jokin Dai-osho
[5] Daitaka Dai-osho            [55] Gazan Shoseki Dai-osho
[6] Yashaka Dai-osho            [56] Taigen Soshin Dai-osho
[7] Basumitta Dai-osho           [57] Baizan Monpon Dai-osho
[8] Budda-nandai Dai-osho         [58] Jochu Tengin Dai-osho
[9] Fudamitta Dai-osho           [59] Sekiso Enchu Dai-osho
[10] Barishiba Dai-osho           [60] Taigan Sobai Dai-osho
[11] Funayasha Dai-osho           [61] Kenso Joshun Dai-osho
[12] Anabotei Dai-osho           [62] Jizan Yokun Dai-osho
[13] Kabimora Dai-osho           [63] Daichu Reijo Dai-osho
[14] Naga-arajuna Dai-osho         [64] Nan-o Ryokun Dai-osho
[15] Kanadaiba Dai-osho           [65] Daiju Ryuson Dai-osho
[16] Ragorata Dai-osho           [66] Hogan Zensatsu Dai-osho
[17] Sogyanandai Dai-osho          [67] Ryozan Chozen Dai-osho
[18] Kayashata Dai-osho           [68] Kisshu Gensho Dai-osho
[19] Kumorata Dai-osho           [69] Kigai Mon-o Dai-osho
[20] Shayata Dai-osho            [70] Kanshu Taisatsu Dai-osho
[21] Basubanzu Dai-osho [71] Tenso Juntetsu Dai-osho
[22] Manura Dai-osho           [72] Kenkoku Keisatsu Dai-osho
[23] Kakurokuna Dai-osho [73] Raiten Gensatsu Dai-osho
[24] Shishibodai Dai-osho [74] Kengan Zesatsu Dai-osho
[25] Bashashita Dai-osho [75] Hokoku Satsuyu Dai-osho
[26] Funyomitta Dai-0sho [76] Rotei Shoshuku Dai-osho
[27] Hannyatara Dai-osho [77] Fuho Tatsuden Dai-osho
[28] Bodai Darma Dai-osho [78] Kazan Jakuchu Dai-osho
[29] Taiso Eka Dai-osho [79] Bunzan Korin Dai-osho
[30] Kanchi Sosan Dai-osho [80] Daichu Bunki Dai-osho
[31] Dai-i Doshin Dai-osho [81] Choko Bungei Dai-oho
[32] Daiman Konin Dai-osho [82] Roso Ezen Dai-osho
[33] Daikan Eno Dai-osho [83] Ryosai Emon Dai-osho
[34] Seigen Gyoshi Dai-osho [84] Tokuzui Tenrin Dai-osho
[35] Sekito kisen Dai-osho [85] Shogaku Rinzui Dai-osho
[36] Yakusan Igen Dai-osho [86] Butsuzan Zuimyo Dai-osho
[37] Ungan Donjo Dai-osho [87] Bukan Myokoku Dai-osho
[38] Tozan Ryokai Dai-osho [88] Butsu-an Emyo Dai-osho
[39] Ungo Doyo Dai-osho [89] Zuigaku Renpo Dai-osho
[40] Doan Dofu Dai-osho [90] Gudo Wafu Dai-osho
[41] Doan Kanshi Dai-osho [91] Odo Ben-ei Dai-osho
[42] Ryozan Enkan Dai-osho
[43] Taiyo Keigen Dai-osho
[44] Tosu Gisei Dai-osho
[45] Fuyo Dokai Dai-osho
[46] Tanka Shijun Dai-osho
[47] Choro Seiryo Dai-osho
[48] Tendo Sogyoku Dai-osho
[49] Seccho Chikan Dai-osho
[50] Tendo Nyojo Dai-osho



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