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Monday, July 6, 2009

[1] (2) The Four Kinds of Real Facts.

We, who are living in the Euro-American Civilization, usually revere the two fundamental philosophies, Idealism and Materialism, so much, but in the First Chapter in MMK, Master Nagarjna does never revere both "something subjective, or Idealism" and "something objective, or Materialism" as the Truth.

And we can interprete that this suggests that he does not affirm both idealistic philosophy and materialistic philosophy as the Truth.

And the reason, why I think so, comes from the fact that he does not think what we think can be the Truth, and what we perceive also can not be the Truth.

In that case what is the Truth?

In the case of Nagarjna we can interprete that the Truth is our Action just at the present moment.

[1] (2) The four kinds of Real Truth.

The four kinds of Real Truth,

Reason, the Objective World, just the Present Moment,

And then just the Real Truth, which is similar to God.

Furthermore, the Fifth does never exist at all.


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