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Monday, October 19, 2009

[15] Examination of Subjective Existence (11 verses)

MMK (15) Examination of Subjective Existence (11 verses)

1, Total existence does not belong to the subjective existence,

And what is spoken is the Truth, which is supported by Reason.

The Reason and the Truth exists being compound,

And the subjective existence exists what has been produced artificially.

2. The subjective existence is what has been produced artificially as only a common name,

And how is it possible for it to continue existence longer?

Because what are not artificial products are the subjective existence,

And so it might be not so interesting, and it might belong to future.

3. Why in the subjective existence anything does not exist?

And the objective existence will exist in future.

The subjective idea is included in the objective existence.

Because the objective existence transmits the informations.

4. Relying upon both the subjective existence and the objective existence,

To what direction the existence moves again?

Both in the subjective existence and in the objective existence,

Because both the subjective existence and the objective existence are really accomplished ‘auspicious’ facts.

5. Being included in existence suggests that it hasn't been accomplished.

Being out of existence does never suggest accomplishment.

Because belonging to existence produces living in another world,

And so the many numbers of births suggest many numbers of strange contrivances.

6. Both the birth of subjective existence and objective existence,

Suggests the producing existence and the erasing existence in the perfect similarity.

They are looking at the facts superficially, but not actually looking at them at all.

Those were the Real Facts, which Gautama Buddha has punished severely.

7. Katyayana was not so affirmative,

To the two kinds of discussions whether something exists, or not.

The Saint Katyayana was not so affirmative,

Therefore the problem whether it is existent, or not, is not so clear.

8. If Reality is the original substance,

There might not be anything, which does not belong to this world, or not to be

And something original might be perfectly impossible to be a different existence,

Because what has been separated from the original Reality, might manifest itself
At all.

9. In the case of relying upon the imitated substance,

How is it possible for the original situations to be manifested really?

In the case of relying upon the true substance,

How is it possible for the imitated situations to be manifested really?

10. It is said that the Eternal Manifestation really exists,

And it is completely wrong that the continuous observation has been cut actually.

Therefore in the middle way between existence and non-existence,

It might be just the passing through all situations of having sharp corners.

11. Relying upon thinking subjective existences, even though there is the concrete

The concrete Universe is not something, which really does not exist, or is not

In the time before this world hasn't existed,

What is called extinction does not appear yet.


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