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Friday, November 6, 2009

[17] Examination of the Fusion between Action and Resulf (33 verses)

MMK (17) Examination of the Fusion between Action and Result (33 verses)

1. The negative attitudes to the existence of Soul is an excellent decision,

The attitude to keep a distance from the Soul is that.

The friendship to others is just the real fact, and the Rule of the Universe is just the fact.

And the seeds as results are just the next world of this world.

2. They are both perception and the contents, which have been perceived,

And they are talked on Action, and they are very necessary to endure them.

In them there are so many articles, and they are divided into so many divisions,

And they are belonging to matter, which are so related with the states of Actions, and
some official proclamations.

3. In such situations, that kind of visibility is talked,

And a concrete fact, Action, is the mental teachings.

The individual soul is just what has been spoken there,

And concrete facts there, which are included by physical Action and verbal expressions.

4. Endless talks like dram without stop are the situations,

And those situations are just reporting the news without any information.

Those situations of lacking information might be very irregular states,

And memories might be stopped Actually.

5. Continuity of pursuing pleasures might be comfortable,

But unfortunately something impure usually exists only in such a kind of materialistic
What are clearly seen in such situations are the universal rules of the seven factors of
wisdom, that is, consciousness, investigation of the law, exertion, rapture, repose, the
balanced states, and serenity.

And so all things and phenomena are proclaiming that they are not ideas of existence.

6. Aha, my childhood, when I have established myself at that time,

My Action itself has become as big as my age,

And the self-regulations are sufficient as my self-regulations.

And so something real will be born as results in future.

7. And those young buds have separated from seeds,

And because of continuity in succession, the streams follow behind them.

Then as such continuity, fruits have begun to move separating from seeds.

Such a kind of work can never be expansion of any kind of work.

8. Just because of leaving seeds, the succession without break can continue.

And after breaking from the succession of continuity, then the harvest of fruits follows.

Before the seeds, there are fruits before them,

And there is no extinction, further more no eternity.

9. Therefore the task is continuity of consciousness,

And the mental power is always going on.

The developing power of result moves leaving mind,

And the real situations have arrived at the limitation of the expansion.

10. Leaving from the mind, then there is the continuous succession,

And then leaving from the continuous succession, there is some kind of effects, which
has come from the succession.

Action is before, and then result.

There is never any kind of extinction, and there is never any kind of eternity.
11. The direct and straight approach belongs to the Rules of the Universe,

And they are the Ten Kinds of True Buddhist Precepts.

The fruits are a kind of measure of perfect enjoyment,

And in the Universal Rule it is just as if it were death in this world.

12. By increasing favor and greatness,

When vices have made fabrications,

Those kinds of desirable Acts might be carried out perfectly by acting the behavior

And relying upon such behaviors the desirable facts can be realized in front of us.

13. Now I would like to proclaim again that,

There have been said some kinds of fabrication set up as oath,

By many Buddhas, Pratyeka-Buddhas,

And by also Sravakas for explanations in detail.

14. Following the endless motion of the wings, the efforts have been continued until the
expected effects.

Relying upon such a process, the flying is just Action itself.

The four kinds of fundamental Matter, that is, the ground, water, fire, and air, are Real,

But the explanations of fundamental Matter are not sufficient yet in their explanations.

15. An absolutely stopping job is perfectly different from being sent only as a
messenger, for example.

The cause of existence is never only denial of estrangement.

Therefore during as far as possible for seeds to be maintained,

The births are continued relying upon Action.

16. The Action to stop might be occurred by being sent to a far distant place,

And so miscellaneous Actions are relying upon just to act itself.

Therefore miscellaneous vices are always relying upon whether we commit
them actually, or not.

Therefore in such situations the Action itself is just the destroyer of heartlessness.

17. All researches are related with lotus,

And are related with the whole Universe and Actions.

They are related upon similarities, which belong to Real Matter.

Something Only One manifests itself, which is totally Reality.

18. Actions and Actions can be seen.

The Universe manifests itself totally as Reality.

In the form of belonging to the two Fundamental Substances, that is, the Universe
or Something Real itself.

Something has been established as the Universe just perfectly matured in Real

19. Results have also habits of passing through, and it is also Reality.

And the refusal from death is also stopped perfectly.

Our efforts of neglecting pains are also very severe pain,

And it is desirable for us to recognize the real allotments of shares actually.

20. The balance of the autonomic nervous system is never the cutting of the two.

And the wandering of up and down in our daily life does never continue forever.

Both being connected with Action and continuity of successful conditions,

Are the Rules of the Universe, which were taught to us by Gautama Buddha.

21. Action does never appear from anywhere at all.

The scarcity of wealth exists everywhere,

Therefore the wealth is not easy to be accomplished,

At the same time it is rather rare for wealth to be exhausted actually.

22. If Action is the fact of subjective existence,

It might be perhaps what is eternal without fail.

But at the same time it might be difficult for everyone even only to take a rest.

Because it might be perfectly impossible for eternity to be created at all.

23. Because the Action hasn't been done, there is sometimes possibility of warning not to
be done.

In that situation it might be possible for the Action not to be done.

There might be some possibility of not to maintain the vow actually,

And there the vices might be attached without fail.

24. To do some kinds of job are to receive an enveloping attack,

Therefore all situations of businesses similarly lose the time even to take a rest.

And so both people, neither who produce rightness, nor who produce wrongness, do not exist,

Therefore only dismemberment has been attached solely.

25. And even though a cook has been well cooked, and furthermore it has been well

It might be cooked further just better again.

It is possible for Action to be placed into the systematic Order actually,

Therefore it might be possible for the situations to be identified with their own original
states actually.

26. The place, where Action has naturally included severe pain, is just this world.

However the severe pain is not only the real situation of facts there.

In the actual situations there, the severe pain is not all at that place.

Action might produce something, which is Real Fact itself,

27. Action and the severe pain are just belonging to physical bodies.

And many Truths are the contents, which are spoken with words.

When both Action and the severe pain are existing in the balanced autonomic nervous

What kind and from what place those kinds of many bodies come from?

28. If it is true for human beings are ignorant and do not have ability to regulate

The facts that desire should be regulated, are just Reality.

Real people, who are only enjoying their pleasure, are absolutely different from people,
who are actually working.

Another factors are not different from Reality, which is the just the same as Reality.

29. The Truth has never been produced.

At the same time what is not the Truth has never appeared at once.

Therefore this world really exists as Action.

Because of that, just the distinction does never exist since that time.

30. And if Action does not have any distinction actually,

Where it might be always possible for what has been born is result.

Then does it possible for a person, who is living for only such kind of enjoyment, to
arrive at the situation?

Where will it be possible for such a situation to be experienced even in future at all?

31. In such situations, what has been established, has got the position of a Ruler

And the facts, that the urgent ruler has been established already, are grasping the power
to hold the urgent political situations confirmly.

In such a situation, the fact that the building has been established already, is completely
different from the situation, that the measurement has been finished already.

And so actually speaking the facts that the construction has been accomplished already,

Might have the absolute meaning that the building has been accomplished already..

32. In such situations what has been established is just a figure, which can be seen from

And the establisher is that person, and this is just what has been created.

The concrete thing, which exists there, is different from what has been constructed,

And what has been established and what has been measured, are existing there.

33. Miscellaneous kinds of Pain, miscellaneous kinds of Action, miscellaneous kinds of
bodies and,

Miscellaneous kinds of workers and, miscellaneous results and,

Gandharva City without prison,

The Sun Beam, sleep, and so on.


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