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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

[22] Examination of Realization (16 verses)

MMK (22) Examination of Realization (16 verses)

1. The five kinds of substances, that is, matter, perception, consideration, action, and consciousness, are not always the same as the five kinds of substances,

Not always relying upon this world, the five kinds of substances do not belong to this world actually.

The real arrival of Reality does not have left the five kinds of substances,

And in that situation, what is just the real arrival of Reality there?

2. When a person, who is going to get the Truth,

Just at the time, there is no subjective existence of real fact.

And when there is no subjective existence really,

How is it possible for any kind of objective existence to exist really anywhere at all?

3. And such situations produce objective existence clearly.

Then, what is called Spirit or Mind, will appear actually.

And what is like that, which does not have Spirit or Vigor, is?

Therefore it is possible for something, which is called the Arrival of Reality, will exist
in future.

4. When the subjective existence does never exist at all,

How is it possible for objective existence to exist actually?

When something moves relying upon the oneness between the subjective and
objective existences,

The Something Real is just the Arrival of Reality itself.

5. When the five kinds of substances are impossible to be accepted,

Then some kinds of possibility in the Arrival of Reality might exist.

Such a kind of facts at the present moment, can be possible,

And so the situation of expansion can be going bigger more and more.

6. When even the smallest volume of the five kinds of substances do never appear at all,

Even the smallest volume of Reality Arrival does never exist at all.

And even the slightest Reality Arrival does not exist even as a non-appearance,

How is it possible for the Reality Arrival to be realized to occur even in future?

7. If there were no behavior not to receive anything,

Even a study itself, is also actually something, which is called just a study itself.

The situation that, in which everything has been emancipated from desire or
attachments, does not exist actually.

In such situations what kind of Reality Arrival has not arrived at yet?

8. The situations, which rely upon Reality and Non-Reality, do not exist relying upon the mutual relations between Reality and Non-Reality,

The thoughts, which have been persuaded, and the five kinds of Matter, the Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and the Space,

Something, which relies upon Reality,

Can be realized as the Arrival of Reality.

9. A person, who especially has ability to realize the concrete thing at this place,

Does not like to recognize miscellaneous subjective thoughts at all.

Because the subjective existence does never anywhere really exist actually.

Therefore where will it be possible for the concrete facts to exist only as the
physical problems?

10. Relying upon such a method, the balanced states of the autonomic nervous system,
can be recognized.

What we have actually perceived, are just everything.

Just relying upon intuition, or just relying upon the balance of the autonomic
nervous system.

How is it possible for the balanced autonomic nervous system itself to be the
Arrival of Reality itself?.

12. What is called Eternity, or what is called Non-eternity, and so forth, exist here in front

Where are the Four, Reason, the external world, Action at the present moment, and

The End and No-end, and so forth, are just manifesting themselves in front of us.

Where exist there the One Group of four, the Reason, the External World, Action at
the present moment, and Reality?

13. Now full of Murder, Restraint, and Confinement,

Nowadays, relying upon those facts, it is called the Arrival of Reality.

Actually speaking, it is said that the real situation does never change at all.

And furthermore the situation of stopping might continue for the length of Kalpa.

14. When the state, which is based on subjective existence, is in the balanced state of the
autonomic nervous system,

Following upon the situations, a worry does never appear at all.

When a long distance exists from the self-regulation,

It is also said that a Person, who has realized the Truth, does not exist too.

15. The person, who promotes his or her own Personality, has realized the Truth.

The people, who have promoted the Past, are eternal.

They, people, who expand destructions to everything,

Do never look at the Arrival of Reality.

16. The Arrival of Reality is some kind of subjective Existence.

And such a kind of subjective Existence is just the motion of this world.

The Arrival of Reality is never a lacking of subjective existence,

But the negation of subjective existence is just the motion of this world.


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