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Saturday, January 30, 2010

[26] Examination of the Twelve-fold Chain of Cause and Effect (12 verses)

MMK (26) Examination of The Twelve –fold of Chain of Cause and Effect (12 verses)

1. Relying upon new births, many numbers of accomplishments have been produced.

The three factors of original ignorance, the natural energy, and the mental function,

Relying upon those three kinds of processes,

The practice of Action is done concretely relying upon the practice of Action itself.

2. Relying upon the development of scientific knowledge,

The clarification of the Real Truth has begun.

Relying upon the state that both a mother and a baby have become stable,

The Oneness of Name and Substance, which is the combination between name and
substance, have been educated gradually.

3. When whatever has been supplied sufficiently to what is called the Oneness of
Name and Substance,

In which name and substance are they combined into one,

Then the six kinds of sense organs, will work together cooperatively.

And the mutual contacts begin with each other.

4. When the Eyes can look at forms,

All kinds of phenomena are also can be seen similarly.

The Name and the Substance are completely the same as one.

The intellectual ability is the very inclusive production.

5. What is called the accumulations of the three factors are indicating,

Matter, recognition, and the Eyes..

Therefore the real perception has transcended the perception as concept already,

And so the Real Contact has finished in the first step already.

6. Proclaiming what is different from the Real Truth, is called Desire.

Because the seriously painful efforts are usually esteemed by ordinary people to be so
especially exaggerated.

The strong Desire is usually seemed to be common efforts for their own profits.

Because of the result, they have got the four kinds of so-called human virtues.

7. Living for our own Action is just our existence.

Actions of ourselves are going on ahead.

In that case the receptacle might not be working for its own purpose.

And so Giving Up should never be permissible to exist, might be the existence itself.

8. When the five kinds of Aggregates really exist,

Leaving from the existence, the Births are going on to be continued endlessly.

Birth, death, many kinds of pains, and so forth,

Are, miscellaneous accumulation of grief, which are mixture of complains.

9. Discouraged situations usually approach by themselves,

Relying upon Birth, the Real Situations of this place are going on.

The isolated situations are like those.

And Pain, which belongs to miscellaneous things and phenomena, are the Total

10. Some kinds of Basis, that is the Basic Wandering, create combinations.

And there the artificially produced ignorance is constructed.

Therefore even any kind of ignorance is not created anymore.

So the clever people will leave the Truth looking at it by Eyes.

11. Following ignorance might be the same as following suppression.

Belonging to the aimless wandering might be the refusal of living together.

Following ignorance might be the same as confinement.

Belonging to the whole knowledge, and following it, is just the leaving from existence.

12. Relying upon self-regulation of each thing,

Each concrete thing does never go ahead by itself.

An aggregate called Pain is isolated from this World,

Similarly the Totality is regulated by itself.


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