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Monday, January 9, 2006

The Four Philosophies (3) The Four Philosophies as facts

The teachings of the Four Philosophies are not only the philosophical theory, which belong to Buddhism, but they are also realistic facts in our daily life. Therefore for describing such realistic facts, which can be identified with the Four Philosophies, I would like to explain a realistic process of industrial enterprise.
(An idealistic Plan) At the beginning of the industrial enterprise, the enterpriser has to think about a profitable situation in his job. Because generally all enterprises have to work for getting profit, but it is not so easy for every enterprise to get profit. The industrial societies are very competitive, and technical progresses are incredibly fast. Therefore it is very difficult for us to meet a good chance to establish a new enterprise.
(Material Conditions) But if some one begins his optimistic job without the checking the Meterial conditions, it might be very dangerous for him to continue the job. Because he is not living only in the romantic dream, but he is always living in a very competitive human societies. Therefore he has to check miscellaneous materialistic conditions actually. How much money is he possible to collect so far as the capital for his investment? Is it possible for him to get buildings, or lands, which are necessary for him to begin the business? How is it convenient for them in utilizing traffic facilities for their comuting? Is it easy for the enterprisers to get sufficient laborers in their vicinity? Is it easy for them to get water and eleftricity there? Those questions will appear again and again, and if it is impossible for the enterprisers to solve the problems, it is completely impossible for them to begin the job at all. Becahse only good planning and good checking material conditions are sufficient for them to begin the job. What are they lacking for? It is just doing it.
(Just do it) The intelletual planning and the checking material conditions can never be the main job of enterprise. Then what is the beginning an enterprise? In Buddhist philosophy, we, Buddhists, revere our working, or act itself. Of course the mental fanctions are also important, but without our daily acts in the industry there is nothing, which can be called production. And the production comes from the cooperative efforts of directors and employees at every moment. And those efforts are continued every day other than holidays, and if their efforts have profitability, the enterprise can be usefull for human societies. Therefore we can think that in our daily life, the most important factors are to work, or to act, and the reverence of works or acts are main parts of our daily life.
(Reverence of morals) We, Buddhists, originary believe in the real existence of the Rule of the Universe, and so we have idea to identify our act at the present moment with the Rule of the Universe. Therefore Master Dogen wrote in the Chapter of Shobogenzo entitled "Bodaisatta-Shishobo" that "Earning a living and doing productive work are originally nothing other than free giving." Therefore we can think that our efforts for working for some kind of industy also have a kind of value as Morals.


Blogger element said...

Thank you Master Nishijima, your article has to say me a lot.

6:07 PM, January 09, 2006  
Blogger oxeye said...

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11:09 PM, January 09, 2006  
Blogger oxeye said...

yes, very practical advice for living in the modern world. Now jobs are plentiful. Maybe tomorrow they will not be as available. In this world, issues are complicated and are decided by many factors. We should look at problems from many different angles, not just from one. It is good to be self-motivated and able to make your own job. whether you have employees or are on your own. If, however you want to succeed in working for others, you must try to get along with bosses and co-workers. If you cannot you will be replaced. After that, think about what went wrong and try and correct it. Think about all things differently, turn it around. Working for yourself is more difficult. You have to be practical. Idealism is the easiest thing in the world, because people can talk all kinds of junk without basing it on objective reality or having it tested against reallife. Materialism needs effort. It is based more on reality. Unless one makes the correct effort he will fail. Materialism with morality seems to be a good way to go in business.

3:31 AM, January 10, 2006  
Blogger GUDO NISHIJIMA said...

For Element San

Thank you vry much for your kindness to read my blog.

For JohnZenDoe San

Thank you very much for your kindness to read my blog.

For oxeye San

Thank you very much for your useful advices. When I was young, I have given up to pursue the Truth because of so absolute difficulty of getting the Truth. But after giving up to pursue the Truth, I found exactly that my life did never deserve to live longer further. Therefore I had to come back my stupid quixotic efforts for living longer, and fortunately after more than 60 years I have arrived at the ultimate viewpoint of Gautama Buddha's Realizm. Therefore now I feel very happy that I haven't given up my stupid quixotic efforts to pursue the Truth at last.

12:01 PM, April 26, 2006  
Blogger GUDO NISHIJIMA said...

For Crazy Dan San

Unfortunately I couldn't understand the meaning of the zen buddhist funeral flowers, and so I have to decide not to have any contact with them.

12:20 PM, April 26, 2006  

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