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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Application for admision to Dogen Sangha International

(Information) It has become prepared for everyone to become a member of Dogen Sangha International already, and so I hope for many people to become a member of Dogen Sangha International too. It is possible for everyone to enter into the organization as a person, or as a group.
Therefore there is no problem for anyone to become both a personal member and a member in a group duplicated. There is no economical charge. We are going to etablish a very big Buddhist organization, which pervades through the world for promoting Buddhism.
Techinical administrator has prepared the system already, and so please have contact with him directly. His e-mail address is Thank you.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Establishment of Dogen Sangha International

(1) Necessity of the establishment

Now I am thinking that I will establish Dogen Sangha International from the 1st of March this year. Since I have started Dogen Sangha Blog on the 29th November in 2005, I was much expected by many people to establish Dogen Sangha, which can enter by everyone in the world easily.
At the same time I have begun my efforts to establish and keep about tens of Buddhist organitions called Dogen Sangha, including Sekishin-kai, Shogen-kai, Shinryu-kai, and so forth, through the world already, relying upon the efforts of Japanese and people from abroad, who have listened to my Buddhist lectures, and have received Dharma Transmission from me.
Therefore because of such a circumstances, including all individual Dogen Sanghas, which have been established from the past already, it is necessary for us to expand the area of Dogen Sangha much wider than before.
Therefore because of such real situations it has begun to occur as a necessary progress of inevitable expansion that we will expand our former organization of Dogen Sangha much more wider than the former area of Dogen Sangha, by establishing a new Buddhist organization, which is called for example Dogen Sangha International.

(2) Outline of Dogen Sangha International

The main points of substantial activities of Dogen Sangha International are as follows.
1) Even after Dogen Sangha International will have started, the former Dogen Sanghas, and their members, will continue their former activities as before, and at the same time they will be included into Dogen Sangha International automatically in the overlapped situations.
2) The informations of Dogen Sangha International will spread relying upon Dogen Sangha Blog, and so the informations will be identified int one.
3) Main Contents of Dogen Sangha International activities
1: Propagation of the true Buddhism, which belongs to the authentic lineage of Gautama Buddha, Master Nagarjuna, Master Bodhidharma, Master Dogen, and so forth.
2: Daily practices of Zazen, which are the fundamental basis of the authentic Buddhism, should be done.everyday.
3: Daily continuity of the daily life style of Buddhism, which has been harmonized with the life style of human life in the modern age, should be established.
4: By accumulating those kinds of efforts in our daily life everyday, we will realize our gorgeous age of Realism, which can throw away the former miserable ages, when we have been suffered so much from the unhappy contradictions of idealism and materialism.
4) Relying upon those kinds of humanistic efforts, we will present to all human beings the ultimate philosophy of Realism, which makes our daily life follow the truth, minimizes the gap of the rich and the poor, makes our human societies follow the truth, and makes our daily life a little happier day by day.

(3) Entrance into Dogen Sangha Internaional

The technical administrator Shin Kiriki is preparing the list of Dogen Sangha International Members, and so after his finishing the job please have your name resistered into the list.
There is no problem, even though the present members of Dogen Sangha registers the name double into the new list.