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Saturday, September 8, 2007

interview with Brad Warner

Let you know about the interview with Master Brad.
        Shin (Technical Administrator of Dogen Sangha Blog)


My interview with Brad Warner is now on the front page of The Buddhist Channel, the most-visited Buddhist site on the Web (100,000+), and of course it includes links to Gudo-san's blog, plus his writings on Dogen.

I hope this pleases Dogen Sangha International.


Gary Gach
1243 Broadway 4
San Francisco, CA 94109-2771

Dear Mr Gary Gach,

Thank you very much for your so deep kindness to show Brad Warner's interview on your Buddhist Channel, and I feel very happy that our Buddhist thoughts will spread through USA and through the world.

I have been studied Buddism, especially Master Dogen's thoughts for more than 60 yeras, and I have become so enthusiastic about it, and so I have very sincere hope to spread the True Buddhism through USA, too.

And fortunately I have got a very excellent successor called Brad Warner as the leader of Dogen Sangha International, and so I think that, relying upon his excellent talents and vigorous activity, he will be successful in spreading Buddhism in USA, and in the world so much.

Fortunately we, Dogen Sangha, have so many excellent group leaders in many counfries through the world, and so I expect that our activity of Dogen Sangha will spread wider and wider constantly.

In such a meaning I feel very happy that Dogen Sangha have got a very happy chance to promote True Buddhism through the world.

Therefore I feel so many thanks to you, Mr Gary Goch, sincerely.

With best wishes Gudo Wafu Nishijima



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