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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

MMK (11) Examination of the Termination of Beginning and End (8 verses)

1. Before noticing the end of his life, the great saint Gautama Buddha has proclaimed his own opinion, which is different from others.

The wandering in our human daily life is never inferier to our starting point of our life,
Therefore even our reins, which regulates ourselves, should never be placed at the inferior rank at all.

2. Other than the highest rank, or neither than the lowest rank,
Where does the middle rank between the highest and the lowest exist in fact?

However, actually speaking, because of such a hesitating attitude in the case of ordinary people,
They usually do not show their decisive strong steps forward either before action, or after action easily.

3. Before birth has existed, aging and death had belonged to future.

If there were no aging, no death, or death, or birth actually existing,
Desire to bear children would have also immortal and eternal meaning.

4. As far as births are continuing one by one endlessly,
Agings and deathes also have the value of endless continuity without fail.

If it did not have any value for birth to be restricted at all,
It is impossible for us to recognise the value of aging or death at all.

5. Aging, death, and even birth, those are similarly never restricted at all,

Therefore desire to die and desire to have a child,
Might be both unreasonable probably.

6. In such problems, being too much fast, being too much late, or being rather moderate,
Those miscellaneous differences of progressive speeds, do not appear in the competitive situations,

However at the same time, because of making miscellaneous facts and births pharmonized,
Aging and death do never exist for such actual reason at all.

7. Something, which has been produced actually, and the efforts to produce itself,
Are completely combined into one,
And something, which is made as the aim, and the direct expression of it, are just identified into one.

Sense perception and the efforts to transmit it to others, are also constructed perfectly into one,
And in the problem of aim, it seems that something might be the aim,
But actually speaking, it is always the fact that, what is thought as the aim, is always so vague,
That it is completely impossible for us to recognise it.

8. Before the time when we haven't understood what the end of human life is,
It is impossible for us to find loneliness in our daily life yet.

Before we have known the end of our human life yet,
Every thing in the world is full of vigor and strength completely.



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