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Sunday, December 7, 2008

MMK (13) Examination of Real Action

1. In the case that this world is wrongly governed by a government of plunderer, who is almost the same as a robber,
Many people have spoken that the situation of human societies like that have to produce too much benevolent gods too many .

In such situations many plunderers, who are very similar to robbers, are existing in everything,
Therefore many kinds of real acts have been influenced by the plunderers,
And so many kinds of important things have become useless completely.

2. What always damage Reality is the world, which plunderers are governing, without fail.
In those countries anything, which has possibility to be plundered, can never be found at all.
And such a kind of world is talked just as the world, where anything can not be found being able to be plundered at all.

Such a world is talked as the world, which has just ability to bring happiness,
And it is the world which is the balanced quietness and the bright and brilliantly bright world.

3. Miscellaneous existences, very poor conditions of life, and the state of another world other than this,
Are separated so much from our visual function, with which we look at the Real World as the function of eyes.

However, even though it is different from the subjective idea,
We can think that the pure existence itself is real existence.
Miscellaneous existences are in the balanced state quietly,
And it is just motion itself.

4. Where is another world other than this world in fact?
It seems to be too difficult for me to recognise that the subjective ideas themselves are just the different world itself.

Where does the different world other than this world exist in fact?
It is very difficult for me to think that the subjective ideas are just another world.
Subjective ideas themselves are always seen by us at every moment.

5. It might be impossible for the existence of different world to belong to this world actually,
And at the same time it is perfectly impossible for the existence of another world other than this world to be attached to the different world at all.

As a fact that a young man does not become old suddenly,
It is also impossible for an old man to become old suddenly at all.

6. Accumulations in the real world can be mistaken sometimes as a fact in the other world,
As condensed milk sometimes has been mistaken as coagulated milk.

Leaving from condensed milk, something different can exists in a different thing,
Therefore it might be possible for condensed milk to become coagulated milk in future probably.

7. In a case when a state, where the exsistence of unbalanced situation of the autonomic nervous system even a little bit, exists,
Then it suggests that there may be no situation of balanced autonomic nervous system at all.

However, in the case that there is no balanced situation at all,
It is a real fact that it might be completely impossible for everyone to recognise by himself, or herself that he or she is not balanced, even in future, at all.

8. In the stage that it is possible for us to look at the balanced stituations in everything,
Many people, who have got the true teachings already,
Are insisting that it is not necessary for us to be hasty for explanations with words.

That kind of balanced and serene viewpoint is what is insisted by people, who have got the steadfast Truth already,
And it is clearly possible for us to proclaim that those opinions are just the Truth, which can be maintained comfirm for ever.


Blogger Lauren said...


I am working to read your read your recent blogs about MMK. It seems to me there are some very good and fundamental ideas in this. However, there are many parts I have trouble understanding.

Will you soon be publishing a book of this translation perhaps with some additional information?

Anyway, I hope to learn more about "true buddhism" through the MMK you have given us in English. Thank You.

Kind Regards,
-Lauren Crane

1:27 AM, December 08, 2008  

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