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Monday, December 8, 2008

MMK (14) Examination of Fusion

1. An object to be seen, an action to look at, and a man to see,
Those three kinds of brilliant colorful separations are produced by combinations between two strings and two strings.

It is not always true that all things and phenomena in the world are in relation of fusion without fail,
But there is also a constructed relation of one thing and another one thing,
Which is just a structure of mutual relation between two and two, that is just the sum total of one plus one.

2. Following the method above, the excitement of vision, the excited situation, and the joy from the excitement, produce the function of vision.

And what are maintained as things, which have been left, are just symbols of vanity, that is, pain, remains, altars, and so forth.

3. A perfect fusion does never rely upon other than the perfect fusion,
And it does never belong to anything other than the perfect fusion.

What exists in the state of fusion deserves to be appreciated,
And it also deserves to be presented to others.
The state, which has been fused perfectly, does not have any posibility for it to be wandering in a street without having any watcher at all.

4. An action to produce a very characteristic and valuable work is perfectly different from producing some cheaper thing at all.
Such a kind of valuable production of work can not be found without having very careful test at all.

In the case of problem in what kind of area and with what kind of increasing method, we shall make our efforts,
The change of method can never appear to a passive direction at all.

5. A small kind of individual mistake has actually produced very clear mistake.
However such a kind of mistakes haven't manifested any difference from the true teachings at all.

It is clear for such a kind of small mistakes to exist,
But at the same time the concrete facts, that those kinds of mistakes exist really,
Have not been noticed by many people yet.

6. In the case, when something individual and another something individual have been combined into one, into an individual,
There might be possibility that those individual things can be combined into one as something valuable, which will be continuing further.

However, in the case where something individual and another something individual have been combined with each other,
Any kind of increased special value hasn't increased,
And even in future such kind of increased special value does not follow actually.

7. Relying upon something different, it is completely impossible for us to notice something, which is completely different from the other one.
Even though we have relied upon something, which is different from something, which we have indicated fast,
It might be perfectly impossible for us to know somehing, which is existing absolutely on the opposite side, at all.

Even though we rely upon something, which does not exist really at all, or rely upon something, which is perfectly different from what we have found, it is completely impossible for something a little different to exist actually, or for something concrete to exist really in the similar situations.

8. The facts, which are called fusion and are having the habits for more than one kind of things to be fused together into one,
Do not rely upon concrete things, or are not included into something concrete, at all.

In such conditions, it is perfectly impossible for us to recognise situations to be suffered, to be bound together, or to be gathered, at all.


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A couple of days ago I received an email from Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai informing that the Nishijima-Cross translation of Shobogenzo is now available online.

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