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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

MMK (15) Examination of Subjective Existence

1, The synthetic existence does not belong to subjective idea,
And it is clearly defined that the synthetic existence is based on miscellaneous kinds of Reason.

The synthetic world, which is absolutely reasonable and conspicuously clear, are bound by Reason clearly.

2. The name of subjective idea has been produced artificially into such a name,
And so it is rather difficult for us to suppose that the name might be used further even in future.

What is not artificial is called the subjective idea, and so the facts that the name hasn't been interested so much yet, might be the facts, which exists in the different world other than this.

3. Because subjective ideas do not exist really in this world,
And so how is it possible for objective sense-stimuli to exist really somewhere even in future at all?

The subjective idea is included in the objective sense-stimuli.
Because the objective stimuli can be explained with words.

4. When we are relying upon both subjective idea and objective stimuli,
In which territory can existence work well between the two areas of the subjective and the objective?

When the both, subjective ideas and objective stimuli, are realistic,
Existence will become able to be real for the first time.

5. Even though there is possibility that something really exists, but it hasn't become accomplished yet,
It is completely impossible for something, which does not exist actually, to be accomplished perfectly.

The fact, that something exists as a different thing, is also included in the area of existence,
And so there is no problem for many people to insist about things, which do not exist at all.

6. Subjective ideas and objective stimuli, and at the same time what just exists and what does not exist are similarly,

And even though there are cases to be seen, and there are cases not to be seen,
Gautama Buddha strongly admonished them to recognise as actual imitations very strongly.

7. Katyayana was not so affirmative to the two kinds of discussions whether something exists, or not.

On the discussion whether something does exist, or does not exist,
Those discussions have been excluded by Katyayana because those discussions do not have any special brilliance at all.

8. If Reality has been existing since the ancient time as Reality,
It might be perhaps impossible for everyone to deny the real existence of Reality itself.

Because it may be perfectly impossible for a different existence, which has been separated from the original Reality, manifests itself actually.

9. In the case when we actually rely upon the original Reality,
How is it possible for any kind of lie to manifests itself as the opposite conditions against the real example?

When we rely upon the original Reality, how is it possible for what kind of true teachings to manifests itself as a perfectly different example, which is opposite to the true teachings actually.

10. The real facts, which has been keeping the Eternity, has been continuing its real existence actually,
And it is completely wrong that the continuous observation has been cut actually.

Therefore on the problem whether the continuous existence of Eternity exists, or not, it is much clever for us not to express the opinion decisively.

11. Even though if we rely upon the subjective idea, there might be some kind of Universe, which is similar to be as a kind of receptacle,
But if we actually deny the real existence of the Real World,
It might become impossible for Eternity to exist really on the earth.

In the time before anything hasn't been existing at all, the idea of the present moment can never exist at all,
Might be too much attached to the idea of extinction completely.


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