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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MMK (16) Examination of the Fusion between Restriction and Emancipation

1. In the case when the balnce of the autonomic nervous system hasn't become balanced yet,
It is not always true that the real situation of Reality is continuing the unstable situations ceaselessly.

Even in a case that miscellaneous unstable conditions hasn't become fluent yet,
The concrete situations of the real World are just the facts that the things, which exsist nearby, are similarly going on ahead.

2. Even in a case when human beings themselves are wandering about,
The five kinds of aggregates, that is, matter, perception, recognition, action, and consciousness, are relying upon material element as the place of taking a rest.

Those five kinds of necessary material elements can never become the stuff of wandering at all.

3. Leaving from action, which should be done for my merit, but when I will do my original act,
There might be tendency to wander at random in my daily life.

Such a kind of tendency, which manifest itself everywhere, is never the act, which is solely done for myself,
And so it is impossible for me to know what kind of wandering shall I do actually in future.

4. It is not always decisive that the balanced quietness of the autonomic nervous system exists.
And there what kind of facts will occur actually?

It is not always clear that the balanced state of the automic nervous system inevitably exists in the well-organized circumstances without fail.
In the well-regulated circumstances what kind of phenomena will occur actually?

5. Even though the real world, which can not be seen as having been destroyed, or as having been perfectly emancipated,
Seems to be manifesting itself as if it were the world of rules, which appear in front of us, but at the same time it seems to be the world, which is just passing through.

Ups and downs of miscellaneous human lives are just the same as the real facts themselves as before,
And even though it is not only being destroyed, but it is not only that it is always being emancipated.

6. When we feel that we are just bounded by something, there is a case that we are making our efforts to work for ourselves,
And in such a case when we are making our efforts for ourselves, it can not be called that we are bound by something other than I.

And there is possibility that when we are doing something, which is different from any kind of work bound,
And so it is difficult for us to know clearly what kind of situation can be called we are bound.

7. If we clearly intend to avoid any kind of restriction,
It is always possible for us to avoid any kind of restriction beforehand.

And when it is impossible for us to look at such a kind of real example,
For certifying the real situations that it is actually impossible to occur as I wrote in the second Chapter,
The mutual comparison between only ideas, which can be described with the three kinds of words "Gone," "Not gone," and "Is going", and the real act at the present moment "to go,"can
be explained symbolically.

8. As the same as bound situations will scarcely be loosen usually,
The state, which hasn't been bound, is absolutely impossible to be loosen at all.

Aha! It might be that when something has been bound, or not,
In the case when some restriction should be regulated,
And it might be necessary for us to have oneness, in which restriction and emancipation have been fused together into one.

9. If we, ourselves, have been cured from the state of losing our own balance in the autonomic nervous system,
The balanced state of the autonomic nervous system might visit ourselves directly.
Relying upon such a kind of method, miscellaneous conditions have been included into Reality
in being regulated condition,
And the state of perception will become much regulated condition.

10. It is different from to enter into the state of quiet and peaceful conditions relying upon the balanced autonomic nervous system with enforcement,
But at the same time it is not a kind of enforceable efforts for taking off the unstable up and down process of human life unnaturally.

In that situations, as the real conditions, it is perfectly impossible for us to find any kind of unstable up and down wandering at all,
And in the quiet and stable conditions it is completely impossible for us to find any kind of unstable wobbling at all.



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