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Friday, December 12, 2008

MMK (17) Examination of the Fusion between Action and Result

1. The negative attitudes to the existence of Soul is an excellent decision,
And the attitude to keep away from the idea to promote Soul is just excellent.

The friendship to all living beings is just the Rule of the Real Universe,
And seeds as results are just the next world of this world.

2. What is seen in front of us clearly, is just the contents, which are perceived by ourselves,
And Action, which is explained with words, is a kind of indulging words, which can be used in only
very distant places.

The miscellaneous contents, which are included in the words, are disrupted,
And the contents, which are related with action, are just boastful talks at last.

3. In such situations, what is conspicuously seen, can become only the subjects of the talks,
And the Action itself will become only the objects, which are thought in the mind of the person concerned, and only becomes memories.

The contents, which are perceived, are just what are represented with words,
And so they are all the cotents, which are actually practiced physically, and at the same time they are all what were expressed with words.

4. The states, that talks are continued endlessly, are just the state that the talks have never been stoped yet,
However, such a kind of state might be the stuation that informations are not transmitted at all yet,
And they are never situations that informations have been transmitted well.

That situations might be perfectly different from the contents of thoughts themselves,
And there miscellaneous memories have been perfectly interrupted.

5. It might be very happy that some materialistic comfort will continue,
But unfortunately something impure usually exists only in such a kind of materialistic area.

What are clearly seen in such situations are the universal rules of the seven factors of wistom, that is, consciousness, investigation of the law, exertion, rapture, repose, balanced state, and equanimity,
And those are the traditional methods of polishing action morally.

6. Aha! I have remembered. To establish myself comfirmly is the time, which we (young men) should have when we should experience it,
And Action makes our own Action developed directing to the original size.

Only our efforts to control ourselves will produce the real facts to control ourselves,
And so it might be impossible for real situations to produce some kind of results at all even in future.

7. So young and fresh buds have been separated from seeds,
And the stream of continuous flow is following behind it.

And then as such a continuity fruits have begun to move separating from seeds.
Such motion is never continuity of pursuing something other than itself.

8. If we describe it exactly, after leaving seeds then there is succession,
And leaving succession then the harvest of fruits after that.

Before the seeds there are fruits, and following them there are no facts of extinction or eternity at all.

9. Following such kinds of continuing facts, there are continuity of the same considerations,
And then ability of consideration will become higher further.

However there are no facts that such movements are promoted further, and the results move leaving mind, and then the results further continue to develope more, at all.

10. Because leaving from mental activity, it is possible for the continuous succession to continue,
And when the continuity of succession has been stopped, then there will be possible to get the result of getting fruits successfully.

There can never be the facts that fruits exist before action really exist, and then some kind of extinction exists, or because of that there are the eternal continuity for ever, at all.

11. In the system of the Universe it might be the most nearest successful way for us to aim at the goal straight directly,
And for doing so the most purest guidance might be the ten principal commandments.

The fruits are a kind of measure of perfect enjoyment,
And both after death, and while in life,
The fruits are included into the system of the Universe.

12. Benevolence and greatness, which are much related with our development,
Are always working for suppressing miscellaneous vices,
By becoming necessary fetters for stopping them.

Those kinds of desirable Acts might be carried out perfectly by acting the behavior actually,
And relying upon such behaviors the disirable facts can be realized in front of us.

13. In such situations I would like to proclaim once more that,
"There some kinds of fabrication might be set up as oath."

And such kinds of facts are talked by people, who have arrived at the authorized true teachings,
called Buddha, and people, who revere circumstances of daily life, called Pratyeka-Buddhas, and people, who revere theoretical teachings of Buddhism intensively, called Sravaka, in detail as memories.

14. Relying upon such a process, documents can become something immortal or eternal,
And so because of such method, the responsibility might be exists preferably how to act itself.

The earth, water, fire, and air, are also the fundamental stuff,
But among what has been produced from them,
Some are old products, which have been produced in the early days, and some are newly produced unfinished products.

15. To stop work perfectly is much different from to shelve work for a while.
The facts, that we do not shelve a work even for a while, have also some fundamental meaning similar to other example.

Therefore to continue products as far as the fruits will continue is just the production,
And in the efforts to continue the production of fruits there exist just the maintenance of production itself,
And in the realization of the Action, there exist actually the fruits.

16. To stop working might suggest to be kept from working,
And so miscellaneous Actions are relying upon just to act itself.

Miscellaneous vices are always relying upon whether we actually commit them, or not.
Therefore in such situations the Action itself is just the destroyer of vices.

17. Miscellaneous researches are all some kinds of gatherings.
And they are just such kinds of gatherings in miscellaneous parts,
But even though they are just gatherings of such kinds of parts,
At the same time they are also accumulations of Actions.

Relying upon such kinds of partial combinations, many kinds of concrete matter will become into one group,
And that is just concrete products.

18. Miscellaneous Actions are being seen as miscellaneous Actions,
And the Universe itself also manifests itself as something real itself.

In the form of belonging to the two fundamental substances, that is, the Universe and just something real,
Something, which has been matured sufficiently, has been established just solmly.

19. It is the fact that the problem of result has been passed through without noticing the time,
And the problem of death also has been stopped after being neglected.

Facts to make our efforts to suppress our pain is very painful work,
And the facts for us to divide pain and facts from each other are just our groundless expectations.

20. The quiet peacefulness, which comes from relying upon the balanced state of the autonomic nervous,
Is never to make any kind of rupture at all,
And the wandering of ups and downs in our daily life does never continue for ever.

The balanced quietness, which is related with Action, and the wandering of ups and downs in our daily life,
Both are just something for ever and something immortal,
And such principle of the Universe was what Gautama Buddha taught us.

21. Why what is called Action does not newly appear as what does not exists now?
The reason, why Action does not to do so, might be that what is called the limit of Action,
Has shut up Action into the area of Action itself.

Therefore what is called Action does never appear newly at all,
But at the same time Action does never vanish at all.

22. If Action might be only subjective idea, it might be perhaps what is eternal,
But at the same time it might be something, which is not clear in its figure.

It might be possible for Action to maintain the substance of Action because of not to do anything.
Because even what is called eternity, is also completely different from what can be produced artificially.

23. The circumstances, in which it is impossible for us to practice miscellaneous kinds of Action, come from fear wheher it is impossible for us to practice the Action, or not,
And the concrete facts for us not to able to practice Action actually, come from such circumstances to be born.

The situations, in which it is impossible for us not to practice the maintenance of keeping precepts, might be the cause of situation for us to maintain ourselves in such a kind of circumstances,
And vices in such circumstances might have come from the cause of attaching something.

24. Our action to practice something is always keeping possibility to receive some kind of disturbance,
Therefore it is not adequate for us only to lie down on our side for waiting for some surprising

Because it is perfectly impossible for righteousness and vice to exist together,
It is absolutely inevitable for us to place righteousness and vice separately.

25. Having been successful in making the situations better,
And even being successful in making the situations better,
It is just possible for us to make the situations further more better.

When we have accomplished the much more better order actually,
Following such better real conditions, our natural conditions, which have been suitable for our original nature familially, will become accomplished adequately.

26. It is just true that Action generally has its painful side,
But it is just the painful side of pain itself,
And it can never the characteristic itself, which Reality includes by itself.

However, it is never true that miscellaneous characteristics, which follows Reality, are all painful at all.
Action is just the substance, which manifests Reality itself,
And it might be something, which can not be described with words at all probably.

27. Even though both Action and pain are the three kinds of Action, which is related with body, words, and intention,
The true teachings are the contents of His words, which are proclaimed by himself.

When both Action and pain are substances, which are included by quietness of the balanced autonomic nervous system,
It can not be so clear that we rely upon the three kinds of Action, which are related with body, words, and intention, and furthermore from where do they come.

28. If it is a common situation for us not to be able to stop our ignorance as ordinary people,
It is inevitable for our desire and so forth, which are all things and phenomena keeping to bind ourselves to the secular societies, to continue the same situations for ever.

People, who are making to continue his efforts just to take pleasure in their enjoyment as their own aim of their life,
As their own possibility it is completely impossible for them to produce anything actually,
And furthermore because it is completely impossible for them to make their any change at all,
And so there is no posibility for any fact to change the situations at all completely.

29. It is not the real situation that the true teachings have been manifested themselves totally in front of us,
And at the same time it is not true that the wrong teachings are manifesting themselves in front of us totally.

Because of such situations, this world really exists as our Action itself,
Therefore because of such situations even a person, who does actually act, is not thought that he exists in this world really.

30. And if we think that there exists no person really, who has gone,
We have to think that it is impossible for us to find any more the fact that what has been born from the Act is result.

In such situations even though it was accidentally impossible for us to find a person, who is only pursuing enjoyment,
Where is it possible for us to find a such kind of person even in future at all?

31. In such a situation the system, which has been established already, might be the urgent ruler,
And the facts, that the urgent ruler has been established already, are grasping the power to hold the urgent political situations comfirmed.

The situation, which has been established already, and the situation, which has been constructing now, are essentially different,
And so actually speaking the facts that the construction has been accomplished already,
Might have a meaning absolutely.

32. In such situations the external appearance, which has been accomplished already, might be the substantial form of work, called construction,
And such kinds of action might be the outcome, which has been accomplished.

In such situations, relying upon the means called construction, what has been accomplished into something different, is what has been constructed,
And the building, which has been constructed, exists just in front of us.

33. Miscellaneous Pain, miscellaneous aim of Action, miscellaneous appearance of them, Miscellaneous workers, and those results,

In the case of leaving from the Real Action, all things and phenomena are completely the same as the fantastic city called Gandharvanagara having no prison, a mirage, or sleep, which do not really exists at all.



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