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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

MMK (22) Examination of Reality Coming

1. Matter, perception, consideration, action, and consciousness,
When we compare those five kinds of aggregations with each other,
It is sure that those five kinds of aggregations have their differences actually,
However, at the same time, if we do not check them as the real things in front of us,
It is sometimes impossible for us to know the real difference between them.

However, just at the case of Reality Coming, being different from the case of five kinds of aggregations,
Even though we pick up any kinds of things among many,
They are all Reality Coming without fail.

2. However, in the case of Gautama Buddha, when he is perceiving miscellaneous kinds of aggregations,
At any moment any kinds of subjective idea of Gautama Buddha does never exists in his brain at all.

And the subjective idea, which has been thought in his brain, hasn't been existing at all really,
How is it possible for any kind of objective perceptive contents to exist anywhere at all?

3. And at the same time, because there are so clear contents of perception are manifested in front of us concretely,
And so what they are not called Spirit or Soul will appear actually.

And such a kind of objects, which can not be called Spirit or Soul, might be just something concrete,
And so how is it possible for them to exist as Reality Coming even in future to exist at all?

4. And furthermore the subjective ideas, which are thought in the brain, can never be real existence,
And so it is perectly impossible for the objective sense stimuli also to exist on the earth really at all.

However at the same time when subjective consideration and objective stimuli moves together,
Something to be impossible to express with words are just the concrete arrival of Reality Coming itself.

5. At the time before when miscellaneous aggregations haven't be confirmed,
Even though it was the slightest volume, there were possibility of Reality Coming having existed.

Such a kind of facts are also popular at the present moment,
And the situations are going to become more and more bigger,
Therefore there are so much possibility for us to receive the enormous acceptance really.

6. At the stage that miscellaneous aggregations are not so well used sufficiently,
It is perfectly impossible for a slightest Reality Coming to exist at all.

And such a kind of situations are lacking perfectly because of lacking benevolence,
How is it possible for the arrival of the concrete facts to be realized to occur even in future at all?

7. If there were so lacking that even the slightest thing can never be got at all,
In the opposite situations there might be possible for some case,
Where it is perfectly impossible for us to get anything at all.

If there were no chance for us to be emancipated from desire, or such attachment to human life at all,
How is it possible for us to have even the shortest time of Reality Coming at all?

8. If it is impossible for you to rely upon both something real and something unreal,
The reliable criteria are just The Great and Perfect Wisdom, The Wisdom of Equality, The Intuitive and Fine Wisdom, The Widom to Accomplishing Work, and The Wisdom of the Universe.

How will it be possible for us to see through Reality Coming relying upon sensitive conception concretely?

9. A person, who has ability to realize the concrete thing at this place, does not like to recognize
miscellaneous subjective thoughts at all.

Because the subjective thoughts do not exist anywhere at all,
Therefore where will it be possible for us to find the result of objective and real perception exactly?

10. In the case like this, that the situations of the autonomic nervous system has become balanced actually,
What we have actually perceived, is just all itself.

If we utilize the serene situations of the autonomic nervous system actually for utilizing our intuitive ability well,
How is it necessary for us to emphasize especially that the serene situations of the balanced autonomic nervous system, must be the whole part of the Reality Coming itself.

11. We must never be sufficient enough for us only to talk about the serene situations of the balanced autonomic nervous system with words.
Of course there is just possibility for the even unstable situations without any balanced state of the autonomic nervous system to exist.

Relating with the situations of the autonomic nervous system, there are insistences of the two,
That is, the one insists that both the balanced states and unbalanced states exist, and the other one insists that both the balanced and unbalanced states do not exist.
However, when we think about the target of the intuitive decision, the problem can become just the target of the intuitive judgement.

12. The problem, whether the Universe is eternal, or not, exists in front of us,
And even the four philosophies, Idealism, Materialism, philosophy of Action, and Reality,
Are not so clear for them whether they are possible to become harmonized with each other, or not.

Even though the existence of the problem whether this world will have the End, or not, is very clear in front of us now, but the answer is not clear,
And even the four philosopyies of Idealism, Materialism, Philosophy of Action, and Reality,
Where will they enter into harmony, is not always clear at all.

13. The fact, that we are keeping our stable situations, is just the realization of the aim,
And relying upon the fact, the Reality Coming is comfirmed stably.

As a real situation there is no problem, which we need to exchange with others,
And actually the situations, which are enclosed by peace and happiness, have been continuing for so long time as if it were eternal.

14. In the case when facts, which are based upon subjective ideas, exist in the serene conditions relying upon the balanced autonomic nervous system,
There is no possibility that following the influence of secular societies in the world,
some kinds of anxious problems will be able to occur at all.

However, if it is possible for perfectly opposite situations to exist leaving from the self-regulated conditions,
And after all, the perfectly opposite social situations will exist leaving from the self-regulated conditions,
And still there the social situations that people, who have not understood Gautama Buddha's teachings, are living without any change.

15. If many people will make their efforts to promote themselves for having the similar pesonality to Gautama Buddha,
It might not occur the similar facts in the past, which have experienced so excellent developments, but at the same time we should never experience an enormous decay suddenly.

However, if those people totally will make their efforts to destroy their enormous efforts till then,
It might be impossible for them to experience the Reality Coming at all.

16. Even though the Reality Coming has some factor of inherited characters in some meaning,
The facts might be the replacement of the inherited caracters with the objective facts, and the motion of them.

The Reality Coming is in some meaning showing the lacking some special character,
However just at the place where something is lacking, there is objective facts, and some movement.



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