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Friday, August 14, 2009

[2] Examination of 'Gone' and 'Not Gone' (25 Verse)

[2] Examination of 'Gone' and 'Not Gone' (25 Verses)

1. As a memory of action in the past 'Gone' is absolutely different from a real act to go at the present moment,

Similarly a supposition of action in future 'Not Gone' is also absolutely different from a real act to go at the present moment.

And leaving from a memory in the past 'Gone' and leaving from an
image in future 'Not Gone',

Even a present recognition of 'Is Going' is also absolutely different
from a real Act dimensionally, which is actually going on just at the
present moment.

2. A motion of hands and feet at some place is just going forward at the place,

And in such a situation, the real facts of going on are there in the motion of going on.

Motions of hands and feet are sometimes not to go, and sometimes
not to come.

Going just at the place is also belongs to going on.

3. The Action to go belongs to the state of going,

Therefore how is it necessary for us to utilize the name of going?

The states of going on have to be included into the two kinds, that
is, going as concept, and the other is as a physical motion of going,

And then it is not necessary for both the two images of the
going itself and the physical motion of going, to manifest
themselves at all.

4. A real act to go actually, is included into the state of going on,

And a state of going on and a Real Act to go have adhered with each
other tightly together.

A state to be going on, moves following a motion of going on.

Because the state of going on actually goes forward by itself

5. Being included by the Real Act to go, and being in the Real Act to go,

The two factors of the Real Act to go, that is, a state of going on and
the Real Act to go itself,

With what kind of method have they been combined into one
confirmed situation?.

Because in that case relying upon such a method, the Real Act to go
has been realized again.

6. The two factors of a person to go and an Action to go itself, are so combined confirmedly,

And so the two parts of the confirmedly combined into one have
been produced so hard.

Therefore, what might be produced, may become the object of so
hard criticism,

And so there may be no sufficient possibility for such a production
shall be realized actually.

7. When someone has been criticized because of having made mistakes,

The action, which has been done, usually would not become clear.

Furthermore, usually the person, who has committed it, is not clear,

In such situations where does the criminal exist even in future?

8. An Action to go does never go ahead,

And similarly an Action not to go does never go ahead at all.

A different person other than who goes, does never go,

And then what kind of the third person, actually goes?

9. A fact that a motion to go moves even a bit,

Can never occur even in future at all.

If we are relying upon only our Action to do without any
personal decision to work,

Then any kinds of phenomena do not manifest themselves at all for

10. The opinion that one of the two between the person to go and the
Action to go, goes,

Has too much one-sided attitude in decision of selecting that or

In the action to go, there is no person, who acts.

Therefore it might be hopeful that the person, who acts, likes the
action to do so much.

11. In the real act to go, the two factors of a real act to go and a
physical motion to go are enormously combined with each other.

And in that case a person, who goes, is also emphasized actually.

In such a situation a person, who likes to get the position of the job

Will get the job relying upon the adequate method to go on.
12. It is impossible that a real act to go might be born in a memory of
having gone at all,

And it is also impossible that a real act to go might be born in a
supposition in future.

And it is also impossible that a real act to go might actually realize
itself in recognition of going on,

Therefore in any case it is perfectly impossible for us to fix the time
of starting a Real Act to go actually.

13. If the start of real act to go hasn't become going on,

It is impossible for the state of going to appear at all, and it is also
impossible for the act of having gone to stop.

In such a situation it is necessary for the Real Act to go should be
done actually,

And it is completely impossible for the real act not to be done at

14. How is it possible for having gone to be the same as going on

How is it possible for having gone to be the same as not having
gone, or how is it for having gone to be replaced with others?

The idea that there might be something, which can not be seen,
may exists as the first step,

But the all cases actually belong to the Real Action to go totally.

15. The motion to go is not stagnant,

And in the same situations the motion not to go, is not stagnant.

And all kinds of other Action, which do not belong to either to
go, or not to go, do not belong to Action to go,

Then what kind of third one is stagnant in that case?

16. A fact that a motion to go has tendency to be stagnant even a little,

Does never manifest itself even in future at all.

Without a motion to go, relying upon only the Real Action to go,

The Real Action can never occur at all even at any time.

17. Leaving a state of going on, the stagnation does never exist,

And leaving from having gone, or leaving from not having gone,
the stagnation does never exist also.

When a Real Action to go has manifested itself,

Then in the case of stopping Action, or in the case of going to act,
situations are perfectly balanced.

18. When the Real Act to go motion to go balanced,

The real situation is just the balanced state, but such a kind of
balanced state, is never attached.

In another words the balanced state is just also the motion to go.

And the expression, メrelying upon the motion to goモ, is not so
reliable expression.

19. When a Real Action to go is just the same as a motion to go,

The Real Fact exists really just as the same as the example, which
really exists, then,

The Real Thing, which is going to become into one,

And so the efforts to produce something, and the real Act to
produce something, might be the same actually.

20. In another method it is just coming back to a motion to go.

And in that case consideration might be changed from Action

In that case the Real Action to go might move to motion to
And the motion to go might move leaving from the Real Action to

21. Relying upon becoming into one totally, or accomplishing the

Or relying upon miscellaneous methods, or relying upon including
the method above too,

But it is impossible for us to recognize the two targets together at

And so, how is it possible for us to hit the two targets together at

22. Relying upon a concrete motion to go, it is possible for us to
set away the Real Action to go,

The subject of going and the object of going do not go ahead

Therefore before the motion to go doesn't exist really,

Some kind of receptacle with subjective layers and objective
layers, goes on ahead.

23. Relying upon a concrete motion to go, some expansion actually
goes, is development.

And actually speaking, anything other than that does not go

A concrete going does never appear being divided into two.

Therefore relying upon such a situation, it is possible for us to
keep authority relying upon only going on.

24. The Real Existence, the Real Action to go, and the Real
Motion to go,

Those three kinds of Real Existences are Real, but those each three
does never go on separately.

The not-real existences can never be the Real Act to go,

And the three kinds of Real Existence go on as the Reality.

25. A Real Action to go, the Real World itself, and the Unreal World,

Those three kinds of layers do never go ahead at all.

Therefore the going to go, the persons to have worked,

And the processes, which have been realized, are completely
impossible for everyone to see at all.


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Dear Nishijima Roshi,

I have read disturbance about things written about this. I am not your student, I do not have some of your viewpoints, but I would like to encourage you to continue to try to help all beings.

Your work should encourage all to read and understand such literature.


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