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Friday, August 21, 2009

[5] Examination of Physical Substance (8 verse)

MMK (5) Examination of Physical Substances (8 verses)

1. The space hasn’t been recognized at first.

And before that time, the space has been seen as it was looked at.

Therefore without knowing the characteristics, the common scenery might have been passing.

Before that time the characteristics of the space might not be seen before its original condition.

2. When there is no phenomenon at all,

A concept of existence can be recognized a little.

When there is nothing in phenomenon, and when there is nothing in existence,

Just to go ahead is the aim of going, and where the aim itself is?

3. Not in the place, where there is no good indication, or belonging to a good

A behavior only to go ahead without good selection, does not belong to a real omen

Even in the case of good selection, or bad selection,

It is not completely different from a selection, which you are selecting now.

4. When some characteristics haven't appeared yet,

Then the characteristics have never been recognized.

When the image of characteristic is not yet recognized,

The characteristic itself never exists in this world at all.

5. Therefore it is impossible for us to recognize a characteristic itself,

And it is impossible for us even to know whether any kind of characteristic really
has been given, or not.

About the characteristic itself, it is not clear whether it has any kind of characteristic,
or not,

And it is completely impossible for the characteristic to be known whether it is
really existing, or not.

6. In the situation that it is not clear whether something exists really, or not,

How is it possible for us to decide that it does not exist decisively?

Discussion between existence and non-existence might be opposite to the Universal

What is the meaning that existence and non-existence are a kind of favor?

7. Therefore it is not existence, or not non-existence.

It is not a mark, or never characteristics.

Being in the air, or similar to being in the air.

The miscellaneous matters are 5, and they are having nothing beyond, or after.

8. Reality, or those things and phenomena, are just possible to be seen by ourselves.

And people, who do not affirm the real existence of this world, might have a little
unclever mind in their thoughts.

All things, which exist, can never be seen without fail.

But what can be seen are becoming quiet, and including everything.


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