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Friday, October 23, 2009

[16] Examinationof the Fusion of restriction and Emancipation (10 verses)

1. What have been accomplished, are wandering through in regulated situations,

And the regular situations, which do not wander, are this world.

Slow walking and not being eternal are the Real situations,

And actually this world is going on totally.

2. When a personal substance is wandering,

The five kinds of aggregates, that is, matter, perception, recognition, action, and
consideration, are relying upon material element as the place of taking a rest.

Those five kinds of necessary material elements can never become the cause of
wandering through.

How shall we stop such kind of wandering through at all?

3. Avoiding action, which we want to do, but at the same time we would do what we want
to do.

There might be favorite job, which can exist everywhere.

At the same time there are many jobs, which we do not like to do.

What is just the job, which we like to do?

4. The balanced state of the autonomic nervous system does not belong perfection.

How is it possible for such a situation to occur actually?

The balanced state of the autonomic nervous system does never belong to Reality

How is it possible for Reality to manifest itself newly?

5. Not destroying life, but not to be free,

Appearance, passing through, and Universal morals.

The accomplishment as before is Reality.

Not to destroy, but not to make free.

6. Restrictions seem to be just our perceptions.

But the Real perceptions can never be Restriction.

Just never other than perception does restrict,

And what kind of constancy would be destroyed at that time?

7. When slaughter has been done as far as being desired,

Then just before, an arrest would be done at that time.

And such kind of verbal talks does never exist,

As if the same talk as “going,” “have gone,” and “will go,” in the Chapter 2.

8. As far as Gautama Buddha does not permitted,

The states without arrest have never been permitted.

Aha! So, in the case of Gautama Buddha, the abbreviation might be permitted.

And so the bondage might be in liberation.

9. In the case that I will not live in this World,

Suggests that the balance of the autonomic nervous system might be possible to exist
in me in future.

From such situations the present maintenance like that might be Real,

And the appearance of the real facts are the very Great Facts.

10. The balanced state of the autonomic nervous system, is not the place, where we
should enter,

But the place for wandering is not the place, where we should get out from it.

There something, which is not clear, and here the wandering without any stability.

And in the balanced autonomic nervous system, there is something, which is
not decisive.

Monday, October 19, 2009

[15] Examination of Subjective Existence (11 verses)

MMK (15) Examination of Subjective Existence (11 verses)

1, Total existence does not belong to the subjective existence,

And what is spoken is the Truth, which is supported by Reason.

The Reason and the Truth exists being compound,

And the subjective existence exists what has been produced artificially.

2. The subjective existence is what has been produced artificially as only a common name,

And how is it possible for it to continue existence longer?

Because what are not artificial products are the subjective existence,

And so it might be not so interesting, and it might belong to future.

3. Why in the subjective existence anything does not exist?

And the objective existence will exist in future.

The subjective idea is included in the objective existence.

Because the objective existence transmits the informations.

4. Relying upon both the subjective existence and the objective existence,

To what direction the existence moves again?

Both in the subjective existence and in the objective existence,

Because both the subjective existence and the objective existence are really accomplished ‘auspicious’ facts.

5. Being included in existence suggests that it hasn't been accomplished.

Being out of existence does never suggest accomplishment.

Because belonging to existence produces living in another world,

And so the many numbers of births suggest many numbers of strange contrivances.

6. Both the birth of subjective existence and objective existence,

Suggests the producing existence and the erasing existence in the perfect similarity.

They are looking at the facts superficially, but not actually looking at them at all.

Those were the Real Facts, which Gautama Buddha has punished severely.

7. Katyayana was not so affirmative,

To the two kinds of discussions whether something exists, or not.

The Saint Katyayana was not so affirmative,

Therefore the problem whether it is existent, or not, is not so clear.

8. If Reality is the original substance,

There might not be anything, which does not belong to this world, or not to be

And something original might be perfectly impossible to be a different existence,

Because what has been separated from the original Reality, might manifest itself
At all.

9. In the case of relying upon the imitated substance,

How is it possible for the original situations to be manifested really?

In the case of relying upon the true substance,

How is it possible for the imitated situations to be manifested really?

10. It is said that the Eternal Manifestation really exists,

And it is completely wrong that the continuous observation has been cut actually.

Therefore in the middle way between existence and non-existence,

It might be just the passing through all situations of having sharp corners.

11. Relying upon thinking subjective existences, even though there is the concrete

The concrete Universe is not something, which really does not exist, or is not

In the time before this world hasn't existed,

What is called extinction does not appear yet.

[14] Examination of Fusion (8 verses)

1. To be seen, an action to see, and a man, who sees,

Those three kinds of miscellaneously colorful mixture are produced by combination
between the two and the two.

Never being totally fused together,

But mutually combined one by one actually.

2. Similarly to the cases of action to dye and what is dyed,

Being dyed and Action to dye are similar to each other.

And being maintained as three, that is, what has been left, pain,

And altars, which have been left also.

3. Fusion relies upon different things, and at the same time it belongs to different things.

Fusion is never recognized as different characteristics.

It might be offerings for it to be seen,

And since then Fusion does not go on further.

4. Something excluding others is different from characters of another.

Characters to be seen, and so forth, are not recognized.

Something belonging to it, and something relying upon to it, are over all.

And so, different character does not appear at all.

5. Different, different, clearly different,

What is not different, and what is different, both move as something different.

But something very clear is just that,

And so the different from it does never appear.

6. In that case, difference, difference, and because of the differences,

And just because of those differences, motion can exist.

But the Real Facts are difference, difference, and because of the differences,

So any motion does not exists really, and since then anything does not exist.

7. Because of not relying upon anything,

The different situations are not recognized,

Never being upon non-consciousness, or another consciousness,

Never something, which does not really exist in another world, or in the real world.

8. Fusion does not belong to Reality, or does not rely upon Reality.

Fusion does not belong to another world, or in the real world.

Fusion is just perfectly mixed situations, and perfectly combined situations.

Fusion is never recognized as any kind of mixture at all.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

[13] Examination of Real Action (8 verses)

1. Reality has become uselessly the robbers’ World,

How many topics of merciful gods have been stopped for long time?

In everything there are many robbers' Worlds,

Therefore, because of such situations, human daily lives are totally useless.

2. Reality has become uselessly the robbers' World,

By whom and when, what kind of things there have been robbed?

Such kinds of area are ironically called very happy places,

But the state of perfectly balanced autonomic nervous system is never brilliant.

3. In many existences, poverties are clear,

But in another case the attitudes of looking at, has been omitted.

The unnatural birth does not exist really,

And in the miscellaneous existences, the balanced state of the autonomic nervous system
is going on.

4. Where is the existence of another world other than this exists?

The real existence of myself itself is not recognized at all.

Where is the existence of another world other than this exists?

Then the real existence of myself itself is recognized at that time.

5. Existence in other world does never belong to this world.

At the same time what belongs to the different world, is never attached to this world.

For the same reason, young men do not become old at the present moment,

For the same reason, old men do not become old at the present moment.

6. Mind in this world can exist in another world,

And so condensed milk can exist similarly as if it were yoghurt.

Leaving from condensed milk, something different can exists in a different thing.

Therefore the existence of condensed milk might be possible in future.

7. When a small amount of unbalanced state exists,

Even a small amount of the balanced state can never exist at all.

However, when a bit of unbalanced state does not stay at all,

Where is it possible for the balanced state to exist even in future at all?

8. The perfectly balanced autonomic nervous system, is all the origin of intuitive Truth,

Therefore the contents of those Buddhist Masters’ teachings are all unchangeable
True Pursuit.

Those are just the doctrine, which is based on the perfectly balanced autonomic nervous

And they are all never defeated Proclamation.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

[12] Examination of Pain (10 verses)

1. My own Action, and others’ Action,

And Action, which is done by myself and the others together, are not reasonable.

Only one aim called Pain has been desired,

And the Pain and what has been done actually, are not combined into one.

2. In the case, when my Action exists,

It is clear that what has expanded does not exist clearly.

And what have been accumulated are accumulations.

Because something clearly aggregated, is conspicuously clear in front of us.

3. When this world is different from what is seen now,

The similarity and difference of the world might be bound then by the miscellaneous
things and phenomena.

It might be true that something, which has been produced by others, can be painful,

But even being produced by either by others, or by oneself, they are the same to be
produced by production.

4. When the personality of myself has produced Pain,

Then it might be similar to as if there were no Pain, too.

The personality of myself is also only one among many people,

And so what has produced Pain, is also my Action itself.

5. When the personality of others have produced Pain,

Then the Pain has been illuminated by other's light.

What are created by others, might be the Pain,

And where is it possible for Reality to exist without Pain?

6. When the personality of others have produced Pain,

Then what is just the personality, which is called other's personality?

The situation, which does not have any Pain, might be the states, which have been

Therefore it is the state, which has been grasped by the facts.

7. Because our products haven't been accomplished yet,

It is impossible for us to say that the Pain has come from others’ efforts.

Because even though other people have also created their Pain actually,

Their work might be done as their own products separately.

8. What I have sacrificed for producing something, is not so painful.

Because without relying upon such efforts the article might not be produced at all.

Because in this case another person must be different from the person himself,

Therefore how is it possible for Pain to come from another's behavior?

9. In the case that a work has been done by the two members,

Then the Pain might be separated into two, one by one.

If Pain has not been produced by either others, or by himself,

Why Pain is so unreasonable actually like that?

10. Some special condition, which is peculiarly individual, does not belong to Pain,

The four kinds of recognition, that is, life, aging, disease, and death, are difficult to

And even though what are existents out of doors, are also existence,

The four kinds of recognition, that is, life, aging, disease, and death, are difficult to

Monday, October 12, 2009

(11) Examination of the Termination of Beginning and End (8 verses)

1. Before noticing the end of his life,

The great saint Gautama Buddha has never say anything at all.

Because our usual daily life is never inferior, but excellent,

Even rains, and so forth, can never be placed behind.

2. Belonging to not the highest, or belonging to not to the lowest,

They belong to the middle class without reason.

Therefore without reason miscellaneous things and phenomena manifest themselves.

And so before and after, there are only strong progresses.

3. Before the time when birth has existed,

Aging and death had belonged to future.

There are young ages, death, or birth.
There are expectations of birth, and even expectation of eternity.

4. After a birth has existed,

Aging and death, and so forth, exist.

Because it might be impossible for anything illogical to exist really,

What is the real meaning of becoming older, or death?

5. Never completely the same as the cases of aging, or death,

The cases of birth, and so forth, might be exactly governed ,

Therefore perhaps in the case of death, or the birth of babies,

They might be both unreasonable probably together.

6. In such situations, anything does not appear in this world,

Before being not so far, but common progress.

However at the same time, miscellaneous things and phenomena, have been born,

And so what is the reason, why those aging and death are produced?

7. Something, which has been produced, and the reason, why it was produced, are
commonly the same,

And what has been produced, and the characteristics, which has been accomplished, are
absolutely similar to.

Sense perception and the efforts to transmit it to others, are also constructed perfectly
as the same,

Even though there is some kind of aim, but at the same time it is just something. which
can not be described with words.

8. Before the time hasn't been grasped in its true meaning yet,

Wandering in our daily life is never lonely at all yet.

All things and phenomena seem to be exist really,

Before we do not recognize the existence of time.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

[10] Examination of the Fusion of Fire and Combustion (16 verses)

MMK (10) Examination of the Fusion of Fire and Burning (16 verses)

1. When what is called burning is actually fire,

And what has become into one, is oneness of a person, who ignites, and an
effort to ignite itself.

What is different from burning is fire,

Just leaving from burning, something, which is moving on, is going.

2. The natural burning might be just understandable,

But what is separated from natural co, might be more reasonable.

Therefore it might be useless to begin burning newly again,

And in those situations, there might be just something, which does not have any

3. In future, when we have left even having any kind of desire
It might be reasonable that there might be no light.

In that situations also again, losing the aim will begin,

And the native brightness will be occupied.

4. Then it might be just the state of being burnt,

And the situation of being burnt exists like that.

And when we think why fuel is always so much burned,

We can say only that the big volume of burning has appeared actually just at that time.

5. As a different problem, something, which cannot be accomplished, can be possible a job,
which can never be accomplished even in future.

Something, which can never be destroyed, might be also impossible to be
destroyed even in future.

Something, which can never become balanced or serene, will be impossible to become
balanced or serene even in future.

And a grammatical gender of each thing, which will maintain its gender, will also
never change its grammatical gender without fail in future.

6. As another example, in a case that fire has left from burning,

Burning has strongly hoped to meet with fire again,

And the female (burning) has arrived at the male (fire) perfectly,

And so in such a situation, the male (fire) is very familiar to the female (burning) at
that time.

7. In another case, fire has left burning absolutely,

And burning has begun to get everything as far as burning likes to get it.

In the case when fire and burning have been fused into one completely,

Aha! It might be possible that fire and burning have enter into the common state,
where it might be possible that both fire and burning do not notice with each other at

8. Just at the time, when burning has been recognized as fire,

What has been accepted as fire must be just as burning.

Before the time, when fire or burning can manifest itself as fire or burning,
What is recognized as fire must be inevitably exists as burning.

9. When burning has been considered as fire,

Everything, which has been accomplished with fire, can be accepted that
the products have been accomplished by fire without fail.

But at the same time, even though there were actually existence of fire,

The usage of fire has been cut off and hasn’t been used actually, even though the
keeping fire were so clear.

10. What has been produced as it was expected, is existence,

And how is it possible that what is actually not accomplished, can be seen as if it were

And when what has been just expected, were realized,

What are the accomplished, and what is the expected?

11. What has been hoped, has been accomplished, is existence,

And how is it possible that something, which has been expected, actually realized?

In such a situation, what has been accomplished, is expected,

And then, even looking at around, does not belong to attachment.

12. To notice burning is not fire,

Or not to notice fire is not burning.

Being innocent to burning does not produce fire,

Or not to be ignorant of fire does not produce burning.

13. What is going on a different way, is different from fire,

And in burning, it is impossible for fire to be found.

There, inside burning, what has been maintained, can be explained,

Relying upon the method of “is going,” ”has gone“ and “will go.”

14. Burning is not fire itself again,

And fire even in another place, has never left from burning.

Fire has not separated from burning or from fire,

And miscellaneous kinds of burnings are never real because of them.

15. An idea that fire and burning are one, is a content of explanation,

And relying upon the oneness between mind and sense perception, the process is
Å@going on.

Å@Everything in the world has never surplus or scarcity,

And to increase more half is concentrated intentionally like a kind of clothes.

16. The spiritual existence and the material substances,

They are miscellaneous existences and at the same time existence of one by one.

However they do not indicate themselves as if they were something,

And so they have completely killed something, which has been much related with some
kind of study.