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Monday, October 19, 2009

[14] Examination of Fusion (8 verses)

1. To be seen, an action to see, and a man, who sees,

Those three kinds of miscellaneously colorful mixture are produced by combination
between the two and the two.

Never being totally fused together,

But mutually combined one by one actually.

2. Similarly to the cases of action to dye and what is dyed,

Being dyed and Action to dye are similar to each other.

And being maintained as three, that is, what has been left, pain,

And altars, which have been left also.

3. Fusion relies upon different things, and at the same time it belongs to different things.

Fusion is never recognized as different characteristics.

It might be offerings for it to be seen,

And since then Fusion does not go on further.

4. Something excluding others is different from characters of another.

Characters to be seen, and so forth, are not recognized.

Something belonging to it, and something relying upon to it, are over all.

And so, different character does not appear at all.

5. Different, different, clearly different,

What is not different, and what is different, both move as something different.

But something very clear is just that,

And so the different from it does never appear.

6. In that case, difference, difference, and because of the differences,

And just because of those differences, motion can exist.

But the Real Facts are difference, difference, and because of the differences,

So any motion does not exists really, and since then anything does not exist.

7. Because of not relying upon anything,

The different situations are not recognized,

Never being upon non-consciousness, or another consciousness,

Never something, which does not really exist in another world, or in the real world.

8. Fusion does not belong to Reality, or does not rely upon Reality.

Fusion does not belong to another world, or in the real world.

Fusion is just perfectly mixed situations, and perfectly combined situations.

Fusion is never recognized as any kind of mixture at all.


Blogger paulc said...

Dear Gudo

I have a Dharma friend who says that dialectic is the Way of the Dharma, that by moving from one pole to the other of any opposite pairs in ever more subtle oscillation, one can attain non-duality. My understanding is that reality is already non-separate into poles or opposites, and that is only what our mind makes, and that practice consists in dropping all opposites and allowing ourselves to simply be present in that seamlessness. Have I misunderstood?
Kind regards


5:19 AM, March 15, 2010  

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