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Sunday, February 7, 2010

[27] Examination of Doctorines (30 verses)

MMK (27) Examination of Doctrines (30 verses)

1. Sect Future, Sect Past, Sect Secular,

And Sect Reality, are the doctrines.

They are Belief in Eternity, Belief in the Creator,

Belief in Prophets, and Believers in some kinds of doctrines.

2. I think that miscellaneous kinds of Doctrines will not be maintained.

How is it impossible for another Doctrine will not come as the decisive criteria at all?

The reason, why I say so, comes from the fact that the age of disappearance has begun
too fast already,

And it is absolutely decisive for us to live in the Western End of the World exactly.

3. Sect Future, Sect Past, and Sect Secular,

Are not manifesting themselves actually in front of us already.

Sect Future, Sect Past, and Sect Secular, should be manifesting themselves already in
front of us.

But actually speaking, such kinds of examples, which should appear exactly, have never
appear itself yet at all.

4. If it is actually true that the so-called Soul really exists in this world,

It might be much more possible for our sense perception to find the so-called Soul

In Sect Future, they are relying upon Soul, which can have ability to flee from our sense

But it is perfectly unclear for such a kind of Soul to exist actually, or not.

5. Perception does never escape.

But what is called the Individual Soul creates the harvest.

Perhaps Perception might be the same as the Individual Soul.

And so what is called the Individual Soul does never exist at all.

6. Perception is perfectly different from the Individual Soul.

Something, which can cover other things, can also have ability to make others wet.

Because everything can get its name and characteristics,

Everything can get its characteristics in future.

7. In another case leaving from the sense perception again,

The Individual Soul does never manifest itself.

Because, being to be understandable, is perfectly different from acceptable,

And so just at the different case, there is a possibility that something can never be
acceptable at all.

8. Following this way, even the different method does not leave perception.

It is not always perception is just Reality.

The Individual Soul does never really exist different from perception.

There is nothing other than This Reality at this place, which is the Absolute Reliability
in The Universe.

9. The Party, which hasn’t been born, the Party in the Past, and the Party for the Secular

Those concrete parties haven’t appeared actually yet.

Because they have relied upon birth, and so they have been born just in front of us

The different example does never exist as a concrete one at all.

10. Because the World has always possibility to be different,

There is possibility for the World even to receive serious refusal actually.

The world always has its possibility to become the objects of such kinds of refusal.

And in such a situation being possible to get the Birth, is just the possibility to come
back to Death.

11. Relying upon Action, to cut something is not always a benevolence at all.

Even though what is done is perfectly different from what has been planned,

Their attitude for them to do the same work again, can be recognized as if it were
different work.

Similarly the first fruits are usually attached so much.

12. God Visnu is never vigor of Dynamic Beauty.

Because at that place some kinds of Vice attach to the place.

What has been done also, has existed as the Individual Soul.

The co-existence of such miscellaneous things and phenomena, are not always
recognizable at all.

13. Relying upon those methods, people, who look at the process, are,

Sometimes people, who believe in Visnu, who they are, and sometimes people, who do
not believe in Visnu, who they are.

It is said that a person, who believe in Visnu, and a person, who does not believe in
Visnu, are the same.

The fact, which exists here, as it is, does never come only for passing.

14. Relying upon traveling, what is it impossible for us to arrive at?

What will exist clearly, might exist already for us to look at Dharma.

Not have I arrived at yet, is the Real Existence of Ourselves at these Real Situations in
the Concrete Facts at this place.

What have gone, or what has gone a little ahead, are all the same in their situations.

15. When Reality is God, and Reality are Human Beings,

Similarly Eternity exists like this.

What hasn’t been born, might be God.

Because the Eternity is never be born at all.

16. When what are different from God, might be Human Beings,

What is not Eternal One, can exist as Idea.

When what is different from God, might belong to human beings,

The Relation between Cause and Effect, does never appear at all.

17. When the Paradise perhaps were only one place,

It might be one Part of the Total, and it might belong to Human Beings.

There were both the Two Possibilities, that the One is just that the Paradise is not
Eternal, and the Other one is the Paradise is just Eternal.

And those two Ideas can never attached to any Fact at all.

18. Both Something Not Eternal, and Something Eternal,

When miscellaneous occurrences manifest themselves in the two kinds together,

What have been accomplished are not as eternal joy,

But they are never what are eternal at all.

19. From where have I come for whom, or for what?

Where shall I go for whom, or for what?

From what kind of purpose shall I work from the endlessly past age until now?

The so-called Aimless Wandering might be as if it were nothing to exist as Reality.

20. The existence of the Eternity does not exist really at all.

Where can we find the Existence of Having Limitations anywhere at all?

The Eternity and the Non-Eternity are only the Model of Duality.

What Have Been Concealed might be manifestation of the sufficiently
concealed Expressions.

21. When we have the limitation of Time, the Area of Freedom might become open.

Even though it is impossible for us to know the reason, it might be possible for us to
expect the Perfectly Different Area of the World exactly.

Just in That Situations, the Fact to have the limited term, are the very Happy Situations.

Therefore it is impossible for us to know the reason, why there is any kind of
possibility to experience the Very Happy World actually.

22. The Stream of Miscellaneous Things and Phenomena, are the Simple Facts of this
World in front of us,

Therefore it is very similar to the one stream of light, which is researched as if it were
a line of the stream.

Therefore it seems to be very different, but at the same time it seems to be very similar
to each other.

And so the things and phenomena, which are not so similar, are also actually to be
Loved without distinction.

23. Before being to be revered,

It is impossible for me to be revered and go ahead at all.

Miscellaneous Things and Phenomena are producing the Miscellaneous Things and
Phenomena as This World without fail.

There the Intermediate Space can exist making a kind of limited Space like the End.

24. Before the time, when the circumstances have not been prepared lovely yet,

I do never like to prepare the preparation well ahead.

When the five kinds of aggregates are just manifesting themselves clearly as the

The Space of the Universe will have possibility to exist as the Boundless Space in

25. When the similarity of the End is just the one point, which belongs to one point of the
whole line.

Such a kind of one place in the line, might be similar to the point, which exists
everywhere through the line.

Perhaps what seems to be similar to the Truth, might be different from the Truth

And the Concrete Fact ourselves at the Real Point, might be never complicated at all.

26. Why is it possible for them to get a so lot of money with such a kind of job?

The two arms might work as well as more than two arms.

Even in future we should never approach to the works of two arms.

Usually The Real Situations of The World, is just This Fact in front of
ourselves, which is not bound by anything at all.

27. When our Perceptional Function is just identified into One,

How is it necessary for us to approach Names?

We should never necessary to approach only One Spot.

It is absolutely impossible for only one concrete fact manifests itself alone.

28. To have the End is just the same as to produce the End positively.

In that case, the accomplishment of preparations, includes the two kinds of factors,
Those are the preparation and accomplishment.

In the situations of accomplishment, having an End, is never pleasurable condition.

The situation, which does not having any Eternity might be the Most Hopeful

29. There also the Whole Situations of All Existences are the problems again.

Leaving from the balanced state of the Autonomic Nervous System, and leaving from
the Eternity, there is a only fact just Going on.

Where, belonging to what, to whom among many, or from whom,

Persons, who are seen, might be many.

30. All People, who are related with the reverence, might be belong to the people, who have
Belief in Morals,

The True Righteousness might have been moved to the wrong place for it.

The pitiful situations for people, have been accepted to them as they are.

But I offer the Whole-Hearted Admire for Gautama Buddha, who accepted those
Many kinds of Doctrines as pitiable.

[After ending the translation]

After ending the translation, I think that Gautama Buddha has found the ultimate Truth in the human history about in the fifth or fourth Century AD.

And his ultimate conclusion is just Buddhist Realism.

But his Buddhist Realism has been too much difficult, and so it has been necessary for Human Being to understand it for about 25 Centuries.

I think that Buddhism can never be Religion, but it is just the ultimate philosophy of Human Beings. Because Buddhism does not include anything, which we should believe in as belief, but Buddhism is perfectly clear in its philosophical system.

And so I think that we, Human Beings, have arrived at the Truth itself just at the beginning of the 21st Century for the first time.

The End.