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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Many thanks to Mr Mike Cross's rewriting my English version of Shobogenzo

Recently when I have begun to write "Important Priciples in Shobogenzo," I have had a good chance for me to read our English translation so carefully. And at that time I have found that Mr Mike Cross's rewriting of our version has been very accurate. Before that time reading his rewriting I haven't clearly noticed that his rewriting our version has been so accurate at all. Because he has selected his own favorite vocabulary so enormously, it was impossible for me to read his rewrited version clearly. But this time I have clearly noticed that his rewriting has been so careful to follow my original English translation. Therefore I would like to confess wholeheartedly that I have not been so careful for me to find his sincerity in his rewriting, and I would like to beg his pardon sincerely.


Blogger said...

It was very heartening and inspirational to read this posting.

It reminded me how special it is: the work which goes into distilling thought and writing these thoughts down. To translate these thoughts into another language--very delicate work, so crucial in delivering the alive-ness of the thought and not 'only words.'

As I hold a book in my hands, I am reminded, that just as sitting before a meal and saying the meal gatha-"First, 72 labors brought us this food, we should remember how it comes to us...." perhaps there should be a gatha said before starting to read a book, which, after all, is another kind of nourishment.


11:06 PM, September 10, 2007  

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