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Thursday, November 6, 2008

MMK (4) Examination of Concepts

1. When form and concept of things and phenomena seem to be sparate with each other,
Even the form of things and phenomena is not actually seen in its true meaning.

It is not true that form and concept seem to be separate because they are actually separate,
But it is true that form and concept are originally fused into one, therefore they can be seen to be one.

2. When form and concept are separated from each other,
The form itself has been attached too much to be separate from concept.

It is never true that originally something unreasonable might exists as its cause,
But there is a problem that what kind of the unreasonable is, and it is the problem that where what is unreasonable is.

3. However it is not true that only form is responsible to have the separation between form and concept,
But really thinking in that case, the real situations might be that form and concept have been fused together perfectly in the original situation.

The real situations might be that, because of the inseparability between form and concept, and the real situations of the material factors.
There is no reason not to be combined, and the separation hasn't been done actually.

4. The meaning of the words "relying upon form," might mean that what is seen is relying upon form,
And so there is no situation that substance manifests itself.

In the case that the situation does not rely upon form, even in the case that the situation does not rely upon form, might suggest that the situation might relate with form in some meaning,
And so substance hasn't enter yet into the situation to manifest itself actually.

5. The situation, which hasn't come from any cause, is just form,
And so such a kind of form does never have any ability to manifest itself at all,
And at the same time it is completely imposible for anything to change itself to others.

Therefore there is no fact that form has been produced at all,
And it is also impossible for anything different to replace itself with something original.
But such kinds of impossible occurrences are usually desired to occur like that by many poeple enormously.

6. It is not an imitation of what is expected, but the performance, which is just expected, has been manifested itself actually.

Different from an imitation of what has been expected, but the job, which has been done already, has manifested itself already.

7. Action and observation for discovery has been included in miscellaneous clear understanding already,
And the work is just to settle a dispute, and so it is related with an inclusive operation.

It is just a total research of inclusive contents, and so it is conained by miscellaneous beings,
Therefore the whole works are relying upon the external view, and at the same time all works are much related with the total progress of the whole contents.

8. The work should be avoided from an isolated situation,
And it is said that the work should be done in the stillness, which has been manifested by the balanced state of the autonomic nervous system.

It is insisted that all things and phenomena are belonged to something concrete,
And so the work should not be isolated from common societies,
And it is insisted that the product should be done in the well-sistematized situations.

9. Miscellaneous defects have been indicated and explained in detail already,
And it is insisted that such kinds of theoretical explanations can be done on the serene state, which has been given by the balanced authonimic nervous system.

All things and phenomena don't have any kind of frults, which should be criticized ,
Therefore everything has been produced similarly being in well-managed situation actually.


Blogger Uku said...

Thank you for the post, Nishijima Roshi.

This reminds me what Dogen wrote in Kajo "The everyday activity of buddha ancestors is nothing but having tea and rice."

All the best,

12:58 AM, November 07, 2008  

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