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Saturday, January 17, 2009

MMK (26) Examination of The Twelve Processes

1. Following a new birth, bringing up has been done,
And Ignorance, and so forth, are the three kinds of processes, called Ignorance, Action, and Consciousness.

And relying upon those three kinds of processes,
The practice of Action is done concretely relying upon the practice of Action itself.

2. By giving the education of physical feeling,
To make clear the function of recognition is the starting point,

And relying upon the state that both the mother and the baby have become stable,
The Name and Substance, which are the combination between name and substance,
Might be educated gradually.

3. When whatever has been supplied sufficiently to what is called Name and Substance,
In which name and substance are combined into one,
Then eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and consciousness, will work together cooperatively.

And then relying upon the six kinds of sense organs,
The cooperative functions of sense organs have begun actually,
And the contacts between sense organs and things, which would be touched, will begin.

4. Just at the same time when the eyes look at things clearly,
The relatively connected other sense organs, which are directly connected with eyes,
Also will work in the similar fanctions.

What are called the Name and Substance, which are just combination of name and substance,
Are also working as the clear objects of the same functions as the object of eyes.

5. The combinations among the three kinds are for example the combinations of matter, perception, and sense organs,

And since the time, when a concrete contact has finished its first contact,
the function of perception has begun.

6. If the object, which has been perceived, is not grasped so clear,
The long yearn for it might become so strong.
Because the object, which has been persued, will become so much anxious.

Then the mind, which are so much anxious to get the object, will produce a delusion as if it were permissible for the person to get the object as he wants.
The desiring mind (love), perception (reception), sense organs, and the object of perception,
Those four kinds of elements,
Will become something, which has got a physical concreteness actually.

7. Having a strong mental attitude to get some kind of concrete feeling,
Sometimes, there is a kind of attitude to produce a delusion that a concept "existence" is as if it were somehing real.
And therefore in such situations a fact to get something must be inevitably nothing other than just effort to do so only.

In many cases, perhaps, a receptacle for putting games might be vacant,
And so it might be the real situations that there are no possiblity to make games free actually at all.

8. Matter, Perception, Consideration, Action, and Consciousness,
Those five kinds of aggregations might be just real existence actually.
And when we have thrown away the concept "existence,"
The birth will occur concretely.

Birth, death, pain, and so forth, are miscellaneous pains,
And they are lamentable facts, which can not be separated from our daily life.

9. The facts, that a kind of seriously gloomy conditions are approaching,
Are sometimes seems to be very happy conditions,
And following the birth of such facts, miscellaneous facts are going on.

Those miscellaneous facts are possible to accept relying upon our own personal attitudes,
And they are co-existences of pain and the five kinds of aggregations, which are coexistences of each individual fact, belonging to Matter, Perception, Consideration, Action, and Consciousness.

10. The lowest circumstances in the secular societies usually produce miscellaneous kinds of literal embellishment,
And actually speaking ignorance will become accumulations of miscellaneous problems.

Therefore even though the lowest circumstances in the secular societies can never be described whether they are really exist, or not,
However, we can say that such a kind of lowest situations are much more related with the conditions called Nirvana, which have been born from the balanced situations of the autonomic nervous system.

11. Because of being in the state of ignorance, or because of being severely suppressed,
The work of synthesizing the twelve kinds of processes into one, hasn't been pushed forward yet.

Because of severe level in ignorance, the area of criteria have been placed into so high degree,
And so the area of depression has been placed on so high level,
Therefore the area of permission hasn't arrived at the adequate degree, where the effect of permission will work well.

12. Because each individual case has become an object of exclusion following their own belonging,
Each individual criterion hasn't been selected relying upon each individual characteristics.

Pain, and the five kinds of elements, Matter, Perception, Consideration, Action, and Consciousness, are all solely belonging to each individual characteristics,
But actually the selection, which follows each characteristics, is refused generally.


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