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Sunday, January 18, 2009

MMK (27) Examination of Doctorines

1. Future Sect, Past Sect, Secular Sect, and Reality Sect, are the doctorines.

They are as concrete sects,
What is indicating Eternity,
What is believing in the Creation,
What is relying upon the Secular Morals,
And what is believing in Reality.

2. I think that miscellaneous kinds of Future Sect will not maintain themselves so long,
And there is possibility that some kind of different doctorine will appear.

The reason, why I say so, comes from the fact that the age of disappearance has begun already,
And it is absolutely decisive for us to flow away into the world of death.

3. Future Sect, Past Sect, and Secular Sect, are not manifesting themselves actually in front of us already.

Future Sect, Past Sect, and Secular Sect, should be manifesting themselves already in front of us,
Relying upon miscellaneous birthes,
But actually speaking, such kinds of examples, which should appear exactly, have never appeared yet at all.

4. If it is actually true that the so-called Soul really exists in this world,
It might be much more possible for our sense perception to find the so-called Soul in fact.

In Future Sect, they are relying upon Soul, which can have ability to flee from our sense perception,
But it is perfectly unclear for such a kind of Soul to be exactly.

5. However, it must be perfectly impossible for anything, which can pass through the perceptive organs having no effect,
Therefore, actually speaking, what is called Soul, must be fabricated artificially.

Our human perceptive function might have ability to work as if it were the same function as Soul,
And so it might be also impossible for what is called Soul to exist continuously in the real world at all.

6. And furthermore, our perceptive function does never relies upon Soul at all,
Therefore, the meaning of words that "to conceal some thing covering up avoiding to be seen," Does never suggest that the similar two things are perfectly combined into one,
And so it does never suggest that the two things are so similar to each other,
That the two things have be combined into one perfectly, at all.

Because the true meaning of what is called perceptive function, can never be understood at all,
And so in future, there might be the words, which can be called as "perceptive characteristics," might be used actually.

7. As relying upon another consideration, if we erase the word "perception,"
The method to rely upon the word "Soul" will lose the chance completely.

The method to attach the words "to be grasped" strongly,
Will be connected with the method to deny the perceptive function itself,
Therefore in that case the problems other than that will become perfectly difficult to understand.

8. Following such a method, the problem, which can never be irrelevant to the perceptive function, has been left the problem of sensitive function,
The problem of the sensitive function has become irrelevant with the concrete problem like this.

The problems, which are different from perceptive functions, do never rely upon Soul at all.
There is no possibility that just to the facts, which exists just at this place, it is impossible for us to have any kind of confidence at all.

9. Sects of Doctorines, which are called Future Sect, Past Sect, and Secular Sect,
Are not showing their concrete styles in front of us.

Those Sects are relying upon their miscellaeous births,
And even though they are scatterd as if they were miscellaneous things, which are existing in front of us,
But at the same time there is nothing other than them,
And there is just only one real world in front of us.

10. This world always has its possibility to change itself,
Therefore for people, who belong to members of Past Sect,
This world always has its possibility to become the objects of being refused.

And because of such situations it is possible for people, who belong to Past Sect, to establish just their own viewpoints,
But in such situations it is just for them to have the same meaning to die actually.

11. For people, who belong to Past Sect, it is not always for them to be unfavorable, for example, to stop even continuity of action during their continuity.
And it were also a kind of Action for them to try doing some same former job newly again.

Their attitude for them to do the same job again recognizing as if it were a different new job,
Is also occur for them to attach the first job especially.

12. The situation that a birth hasn't been realized yet, comparing with the state of having been born already,
The two kinds of situations are absolutely different with each other.
Because in the case that having been already born, the life is already vigorously working,
And so in such a situation, the problem of Vises have to begin to be entangled with the Action without fail.

The fact, that something has been done actually, is also living with our own mind usually,
But a point of view that an Action and Vises are always combined with each other,
Is never always a true viewpoint at all.

13. People, who are prone to rely upon the Past in their usual situations of daily life,
Are sometimes people, who believe in Vishunyu,
But sometimes they are not people, who believe in Vishunyu.

And when both the two cases above appear, and sometimes both the two cases above do not appear,
They do not meet any case, where concrete real facts manifest themselves as they are.

14. The fact, that we are just on the way of traveling, does never mean that we haven't finish the traveling yet at all.
Because in such a case it is very obvious for us to arrive at the destination very soon.

But at the same time it is very clear fact that actually we haven't arrived at the destination yet,
And so the situations are very similar to the fact that passing through the destination without notice we haven't met the situation of having meals yet.

15. When what is very excellent concretely is belonging to human beings actually,
In the same situations what is eternal might be also existing in this world.

The fact that something, which is so excellent, does not appear concretely,
Might have occurred, perhaps, because of lacking that the eternity has been born yet.

16. What is different from God might be belonging to human beings,
And so it is not so strange that if there were some ideas of non-existing eternity.

What is actually different from God might be belonging to human beings,
And so we can never suppose the existence of endless continuity will appear into this world at all.

17. If the Paradice were only one place,
The fact that the paradice is only one, is also very convenient for human beings.

There is possibility that both ideas that the Paradice is not eternal, and the Paradice is just eternal,
can exist actually together.
And those ideas are never attached to anything at all.

18. If both not to be eternal, and to be eternal, together, actually exist as an accomplished fact,

Then the idea to be eternal is not realistic, and at the same time not to be eternal is desire can never exist at all.

19. To the people, who belong to Secular Sect, something ineffable comes from an ineffable place,
And something ineffable goes from there to some place ineffable again.

Therfore in those situations everything might be all ups and downs of life,
And perhaps anything, which is concrete, might not exist anywhere.

20. In the case when anything, even in the case of the slightest, does not exist really at all,
How is it possible for anything, which is not eternal, to exist?

Both what is eternal and what is not eternal, are always making a pair,
And existence itself always become the basis of the problem,
And so it can not be seen by human eyes at all.

21. As people, who belong to Secular Sect, usually think,
Relating with the problem, whether this world has its end, or not,
In almost all areas it seems that there is possibility for them to have their ends,
But at the same time relating with the different place other than this world,
It is impossible for us to suppose anything at all.

Therefore in this world it might be common situations for us to be welcomed eternally,
But in the other world other than this world, it might be absolutely impossible for us to expect to meet any kind of eternity.

22. Matter, Perception, Consideration, Action, and Consciousness, among those kinds of five aggregates,
Those are the object, which we can indicate objectively at concrete place,
Therefore we can indicate those things, which exist continuously,
And so those things and phenomena are actually irradiated as they are.

Because of the result, this world is just the entanglement between what is absolutely different from being not eternal, and what is not eternal.

23. Even before the time when miscellaneous favarable situations are going on ahead,
It is never always decisive for a favorable chance to manifest itself without fail.

When the five kinds of aggregations as the five kinds of aggregations are just going to produce this so conspicuously clear world,
This Universal Space has begun to be seen as if it were a kind of limited Space for the first time.

24. Even before the time, when the miscellaneouslly favorable situations haven't gone ahead,
It is not always so decisive that the miscellaneously favorable good chances for ourselves,
Are always going to manifest themselves decisively for producing the miscellaneously favorable
chances at all.

When the five kinds of aggregations are just manifesting themselves as this world,
This Universal Space will have possibility to exist as the limitlessness for the first time.

25. The fact that one place is limited is suggesting that at the different place there is possibility not to be limited at all.

Th existence of something to be limited might suggests for the existence of something without any limitation,
And so the relations between the Universal Space and each individual thinges and phenomena,
Can never be in the relation of being so restrainted with each other at all.

26. For people, who have been only interested by problems of Secular Societies,
How is it possible for them to receive so much bigger space at all?
However, there might be possibility that actually for only one point of the problem might be possible to be divided into so many parts for becoming possible to approach together.

However, actually speaking, it might be impossible for us to think about that the problems will approach so separated as if it might be possible,
And so such kinds of facts in supposition in the Real World might not have any relation with the facts in front of us really at all.

27. The perceptive function is just the problem, which is easily combined into one,
And so it is impossible for the problem to be divided into as many as number of all names actually at all.

It might be always impossible for only one thing might be divided into so many numbers names even in future,
We can not think that such a kind of separation of one thing into so many number of names, Might not be done into as many as number of all things even in future,
And so such kinds of splitting facts must never occur at all.

28. In the case of limited examples and also in the case of unlimited examples,
What they are produced by separation, are always making many pairs.

It is never true for what are limited to be realized into the same as our will,
And for what are unlimited not to be realized into the same as our will,
Are completely the same as in the case of limited example too.

29. When we try to think all problems on the basis of Reality Sect,
In the situations of transcending the serene state, which has been born from the balanced autonomic nervous system,
And transcending the Eternity,
Everything in the world totally are going on ahead.

And in such situations the facts, which can be seen for us, might be everywhere in this world, Among everything, transcending totally the highest One,
The situations might be that something inclusive are really existing in front of us.

30. All Doctorines are relating with the problems of Morals,
But I am affraid that there might be possibility that they are going on the direction,
Which is producing our Anxieties that the directions might be a little wrong.

However, I whole-heartedly admire Gautama Buddha, who accepted those miscellaneous Doctorines as pitiable.

[After ending the translation]

After ending the translation, I think that Gautama Buddha has found the ultimate Truth in the human history about in the fifth or fourth Century AD.

And his ultimate conclusion is just Buddhist Realism.

But his Buddhist Realism has been too much difficult, and so it has been necessary for Human Being to understand it for about 25 Centuries.

I think that Buddhism can never be Religion, but it is just the ultimate philosophy of Human Beings. Because Buddhism does not include anything, which we should believe in as belief, but Buddhism is perectly clear in its philosophical system.

And so I think that we, Human Beings, have arrived at the Truth itself just at the beginning of the 21st Century for the first time.

The End.


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