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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

[7] Examination of the External World (34 verses)

MMK (7) Examination of the External World (34 Verses)

1. When this world has appeared,

There might be the three kinds of manifestations, that is,
appearance, continuity, and disappearance.

In such situations this world is just appearance,

And how is it possible for this world to have any kind of
symbolic image?

2. The appearance, and so forth, that is the three, appearance, continuity, and
disappearance, are separated into pieces,

Are not so satisfactory even though relying upon many kinds of characteristics.

The total situations of the world might be belonging to the world,

And it might be only at one place, but why does it exist just at one moment?

3. Appearance, maintenance, and destruction,

And in another expression this world is just a kind of characteristics.

When an unstable world really exists as this world,

Then any world, which is different from this world, can never exist actually at all.

4. Appearance, appearance, and appearance,

The idea, which belongs to a fundamental appearance, may be individual and isolated.

Appearance produces appearance, and that is called appearance.

The fundamental might be born also in the similar case after.

5. Appearance, appearance, and appearance.

If those appearances belong to the fundamental,

How is it possible for the fundamental, which doesn't have any birth, to be born?

And so how is it possible for such a conversation to be born even in future?

6. Actually those are born relying upon fundamental,

And at that time the fundamental will be born.

But, however, the fundamental is not born relying upon the individual,

And so how is it possible for a concrete fact to be born actually?

7. Those things and phenomena are manifesting as they are,

And so what is hopeful is to manifest this here.

And they are just this one, which is manifested as miscellaneous things and phenomena,

They haven’t been born, transcending verbal expressions, that is just this world.

8. What is called "light", is including both subjective idea and objective sense perception.

And so it manifests itself following the method of the subjective consideration and the
objective perception.

A fact that something manifests itself is the manifestation of both the subjective meaning
and the objective form,

And relying upon such a combination of the two factors, the combinations of the two
become possible.

9. In the existence of light, darkness does not exist really.

And so in such a situation, it must be necessary for light to exist there alone.

Why does it possible for light to make other things to be seen?

Because the brightness is able to destroy darkness actually.

10. With what kind of process does it be realized actually?

Relying upon brightness, Darkness might be destroyed.

Because it is not true that the darkness is always keeping to be produced,

Therefore it must be true that the brightness might be able to arrive at every moment.

11. The facts, which are not realized, have come from brightness,

At that time, the destroyer is also darkness again.

And so the object, which is always destroyed, is just darkness itself.

Therefore darkness will be always the cause of going down.

12. Brightness is oneness between something subjective and something objective. ,

Therefore it might be some kind of manifestation at the time.

Darkness is also oneness between something subjective and something objective.

Therefore darkness also covers the facts, which are not clear.

13. What has never been produced, but what has appeared, is this World,

Therefore how is it possible for any subjective personality to be born?

And so appearance might be born as birth,

Therefore how is it possible for birth to be born again actually?

14. This world is not the world, which has been produced, or the world,
which hasn’t be accomplished yet.

How is it possible for the world not to be the world, which hasn’t been born at all?

Even though a concrete thing, which has been born, without having any name yet,

They can be called with the name of “is going”, ”have gone”, or “not have gone.”

15. A fact that something is going on,

Suggests that anything hasn't been accomplished yet.

In that situation what has been going on?

Then it might be a very clear enjoyment of productivity.

16. Miscellaneous things and phenomena can exist as they are,

And those things and phenomena manifest the serene situations as they are.

Therefore what they are manifesting themselves really,

Are the balanced and serene situations as they are just in front of us.

17. When even a little bit of thing hasn’t been seen,

What is called “existence” might be recognized as if it were actually exist.

It might be possible for something to appear from something concrete,

But it might be perfectly impossible for "existence" really to exist at all.

18. To be continuing appearance is appearance,

And so we can say that this world is always being produced incessantly.

To expect such a world is appearance,

And so how is it possible for us to expect the appearance once more?

19. If a little different appearance might be the fact,

Then the appearance might be a little unstable.

In such a situation, nothing has become appeared, is the appearance,

And in that case everything has become accomplished in such situations.

20. Relying upon what really exist, accidence can be recognized,

And what do not exist really, can never be regulated by the real existence at all.

No existence and not to exist are the same meaning,

And before the time, what has been manifested itself, has been shown in front of us

21. In the regulated situations what has been realized has been manifested already,

It does never manifest the appearance of itself in the area of existence at all.

And which is never regulated by any kind of regulation at all.

Therefore actually Existence itself does never manifest itself at all actually.

22. What should not stop, has stopped, is called "existence,"

And the “existence,” which has been stopped, does never stop once more.

The states, which are stopping, do never stop,

And where is it possible for what hasn’t been born to stop actually?

23. Standing still is belonging to the state of self-regulation,

And the self-regulation does not manifest itself in a simple condition of existence.

Such a kind of standing still is beyond the self-regulation totally,

The Real Existence does never manifest itself at all.

24. Aging and death are following the rule of the Universe,

And they are belonging to the whole existence at every moment.

How is it possible for everything to stop at all?

Those existences do not have any aging, or any death.

25. Standing still relying upon other things, is also a kind of standing still, and the state is
confirmed much more stable.

However even though relying upon such a method, the situation is never to be bound
so much.

Belonging to the work is just working for the work itself,

And it is not relying upon myself, or it is not relying upon others.

26. What is not restricted would not be restricted,

And what hasn’t been restricted wouldn’t be restricted.

In such situations even the states, which have been restricted yet,

How is it possible for what hasn't been born, to be restricted actually.

27. As long as we are standing still, we can belong to the state of existence.

The attitude of self-regulation does not appear without efforts to do.

Even just not to stand still, belongs to existence,

And the self-regulation manifests itself.

28. Relying upon such a real situation, the balanced situations have become balanced,
Because the real situations themselves are never be regulated by themselves.,

Utilizing a differently balanced situations, are just the true situations,

And it is never the different one, which is really self-regulated.

29. Just at that time, everything is all things and phenomena in the whole Universe,

And what has appeared already, does never appear again,

Just at that moment everything is just all things and phenomena in the Universe,

And the self-regulation can never be seen from outside at all.

30. From what really exist, an adequate volume belong to existence,

What is adequately self-regulated, does not manifest itself at all.

The fact that something is just only one, does not suggests its existence,

And if it is true, the non-existence of number can never be found at all.

31. Even the non-existence of Reality, has begun to be existent,

Even the denial of existent everything can be possible,

The highest one can never be included into the second-class levels at all.

The perfect destruction can be recognized in such a situation.

32. Without the self-mind, the self-regulation does never exist,

And the self-regulation is never also the same as the objective mind.

What kind of appearance does belong to the appearance?

The appearance is never the subjective mind, or the objective mind.

33. Appearance, continuity, and distraction,

This world does never exist as some thing unfinished.

In this world there is anything unfinished actually,

How is it possible for unfinished world will be finished in future?

34. For example the Supernatural Power, for example a dream,

A fantastic city in the sky, called Gandharva, for example.

Similarly in the case of appearance, similarly in the case of stable situations,

And similarly a very big distraction has been spoken as a rumor.

[6] Examination of the Fusion between Exitement and the Exited (10 verses)

MMK (6) Examination of Fusion between Excitement and the Excited

1. Before leaving from Excitement,

The excited have been clearly included in the excitement,

Something concrete clearly exists as the excitement,

And in the excited the excitement might exist in front of us.

2. Because it is perfectly impossible for excitement to exists in the excited again,

How is it possible for everyone to know where the excitement can exist actually?

However, it is not clear whether excitement exists in the excitement itself, or in the

And so the real facts in front of us are going on naturally and smoothly.

3. Something, which is very enduring, will appear again,

And that does never explain the fusion between the excited and the excitement at all.

Because what is hopeful is the co-existence of the excitement and the excited,

The reason why the excitement and the excited might not be recognized with each other,
comes from the facts that the excitement and the exited are independent mutually.

4. All things and phenomena are not only one,

Therefore they have to exist at one place together.

Because they are being there separately, therefore they can exist there just now,

Where is it possible for them to live in future for ever?

5. Even at one time if the enduring existence can exist,

Then even the enduring world does not need any kind of enduring.

But the enduring existence exists in the separated situations,

The enduring world does not need even any endurance at all.

6. When enduring existence has been separated,

Then what are the two independent between the excitement and the excided?

Accomplished articles are existences, which are separated from each other one by one.

Enduring existences are things that and this, which are independent and concrete.

7. Things, which have been accomplished, are usually, each of them is independent and

Then in that case the excitement and the excited might belong to the oneness between
the excitement and the excited.

How is it possible for enduring existence to become the aim?

But now you are very diligent to become successful for you to rely upon Reality.

8. Things, which are separated one by one, are not called what has been accomplished.

Therefore, enduring existences are expected so strongly by you.

Enduring existence might be becoming successful in the aim,

And so you are expecting eagerly to become enduring one by one.

9. Being one by one is never be successful,

And so enduring existence does never mean accomplishment.

Being the better one might be the existence between the two,

Therefore actually you are so anxious to endure existence.

10. In this method, relying upon the excited, or being included by the excitement,

The real accomplishment is sometimes following situations, and sometimes it is
not following to the situations.

What is similar to the Excitement , seems to be the whole Universal Situations,

And so the accomplishment of the Universe is not so following to us sometimes, and
not so unsiutable for us sometimes.

Friday, August 21, 2009

[5] Examination of Physical Substance (8 verse)

MMK (5) Examination of Physical Substances (8 verses)

1. The space hasn’t been recognized at first.

And before that time, the space has been seen as it was looked at.

Therefore without knowing the characteristics, the common scenery might have been passing.

Before that time the characteristics of the space might not be seen before its original condition.

2. When there is no phenomenon at all,

A concept of existence can be recognized a little.

When there is nothing in phenomenon, and when there is nothing in existence,

Just to go ahead is the aim of going, and where the aim itself is?

3. Not in the place, where there is no good indication, or belonging to a good

A behavior only to go ahead without good selection, does not belong to a real omen

Even in the case of good selection, or bad selection,

It is not completely different from a selection, which you are selecting now.

4. When some characteristics haven't appeared yet,

Then the characteristics have never been recognized.

When the image of characteristic is not yet recognized,

The characteristic itself never exists in this world at all.

5. Therefore it is impossible for us to recognize a characteristic itself,

And it is impossible for us even to know whether any kind of characteristic really
has been given, or not.

About the characteristic itself, it is not clear whether it has any kind of characteristic,
or not,

And it is completely impossible for the characteristic to be known whether it is
really existing, or not.

6. In the situation that it is not clear whether something exists really, or not,

How is it possible for us to decide that it does not exist decisively?

Discussion between existence and non-existence might be opposite to the Universal

What is the meaning that existence and non-existence are a kind of favor?

7. Therefore it is not existence, or not non-existence.

It is not a mark, or never characteristics.

Being in the air, or similar to being in the air.

The miscellaneous matters are 5, and they are having nothing beyond, or after.

8. Reality, or those things and phenomena, are just possible to be seen by ourselves.

And people, who do not affirm the real existence of this world, might have a little
unclever mind in their thoughts.

All things, which exist, can never be seen without fail.

But what can be seen are becoming quiet, and including everything.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

[4] Evamination of Aggregates (9 verse)

MMK (4) Examination of Aggregates

1. When all things and phenomena, or material substances, are separated and at random,

Even the form of things and phenomena are not perceived actually.

And even though relying upon all things and phenomena, there is no separation and

The oneness of all things and phenomena, or material substances, can be seen as they

2. When all things and phenomena, or material substance, are separated and at random,

Relying upon all things and phenomena, and attached to all things and phenomena,

What is not reasonable, does never exist as aim,

But at the same time something unreasonable might exists somewhere.

3. Relying upon all things and phenomena, it is situations of freedom now,

And then it might be oneness between all things and phenomena, or material existence.

What is in an impossible situation to do, might be what can not be done actually,

And both what can not be done actually, or what might be only material, do not actually

4. Because of being in all things and phenomena, they belong just to all things and

Material existence does not manifest itself.

Even when all things and phenomena do not exist in all things and phenomena,

Material existence does not manifest itself.

5. The facts that what does not have any cause produces any kinds of things and
phenomena again,

Do never, never, manifest themselves at all.

Therefore all things and phenomena have been produced a little bit already,

And so there is no possibility to be replaced with another contents, or to be desired
to be replaced with others.

6. It is not imitation of material stuff,

But it is just the work, which has been actually created.

It is not purely material substance itself,

But it is just the work, which has been actually created.

7. Mental function to get something is always mutual understandings.

It is always an effort to include everything into one perfectly.
Therefore the all kinds of researches are just belonging to miscellaneous existences,

And just relying upon all things and phenomena, everything is going on ahead.

8. Everything, which is scattered separately at random, is prone to be avoided,

And the creations of the balanced and quiet states, might be talked.

Everything is belonging to the real world, which is not avoided from everything,

And everything is born relying upon the regulated conditions.

9. With miscellaneous explanations in detail, many kinds of defaults have been indicated
and explained,

And the creations of the balanced state in the autonomic nervous system, might
be talked.

Everything, which belongs to reality, does not have any default to be criticized,

Therefore everything has been born similarly being in well-regulated situations actually.

Monday, August 17, 2009

[3] Examination of Eyes and other Sense organs.

MMK (3) Examination of the Eyes and Other Sense Organs

1. Function to see, function to hear, function to smell,

Function to taste, function to touch, and function of central sense perception.

Those six kinds of sense functions are very familiar to us,

And what has been seen, and so forth, are the objects of sense functions.

2. The function of our own mind is also the object to be seen,

Because even the subject to see and the object to be seen are both actually the objects to
be seen.

What can not be seen has been our own mind,

Why such a concrete thing has become to be seen so distant?

3. What we have got relying upon our own enormous efforts,

Are different from a simple fire, which we have got easily,

What has been seen is perfectly opposite to what has been spoken.

What have been spoken are usually very abstract like "Is Going," "Have gone," or
"Haven't gone yet."

4. The situations, which are different from what we are just looking at something, can never
exist actually.

In such a situation, the ability to look at things and phenomena, can never exist at all.

The function to see, has ability to look at like this,

Therefore how is it possible for the facts here can be attached actually?

5. The ability to look at others, can never be seen by others,

And at the same time the ability, which does not have any ability to look at anything
others at all, has no ability to look at too.

The explanations in detail can be done by a person, who looks at everything carefully,

And a person, who can look at everything well, is truly a person, who can be actually
well in approaching the object.

6. A person, who looks at everything well, is not always a person, who does not criticize
anything others at all.

It is sometimes true that an attitude to despise others’ products severely, suggests also
some kinds of sincere attitude to the products.

What has been seen, is just what we have seen actually, and furthermore,

If there were no person, who esteems the product, where can those products actually

7. Leaving from the wrong idea that What has been seen, and What we have seen, do not
exist really,

The Four, that is, consideration, perception, action at the present
moment, and Reality itself, are this World.

If we insist that it is perfectly impossible for perception, consideration, Action at the
present moment, and Reality, not to exist,

What kind of Real Existence can really exist even in future at all?

8. The explanations of function to hear, function to smell,

Function to taste, function to touch, and function of the central sense perception,

Can be explained relying upon the function to see as a matrix,

Therefore it is possible for us to utilize it for to hear and what is heard, and other kinds
of sense functions too.

Friday, August 14, 2009

[2] Examination of 'Gone' and 'Not Gone' (25 Verse)

[2] Examination of 'Gone' and 'Not Gone' (25 Verses)

1. As a memory of action in the past 'Gone' is absolutely different from a real act to go at the present moment,

Similarly a supposition of action in future 'Not Gone' is also absolutely different from a real act to go at the present moment.

And leaving from a memory in the past 'Gone' and leaving from an
image in future 'Not Gone',

Even a present recognition of 'Is Going' is also absolutely different
from a real Act dimensionally, which is actually going on just at the
present moment.

2. A motion of hands and feet at some place is just going forward at the place,

And in such a situation, the real facts of going on are there in the motion of going on.

Motions of hands and feet are sometimes not to go, and sometimes
not to come.

Going just at the place is also belongs to going on.

3. The Action to go belongs to the state of going,

Therefore how is it necessary for us to utilize the name of going?

The states of going on have to be included into the two kinds, that
is, going as concept, and the other is as a physical motion of going,

And then it is not necessary for both the two images of the
going itself and the physical motion of going, to manifest
themselves at all.

4. A real act to go actually, is included into the state of going on,

And a state of going on and a Real Act to go have adhered with each
other tightly together.

A state to be going on, moves following a motion of going on.

Because the state of going on actually goes forward by itself

5. Being included by the Real Act to go, and being in the Real Act to go,

The two factors of the Real Act to go, that is, a state of going on and
the Real Act to go itself,

With what kind of method have they been combined into one
confirmed situation?.

Because in that case relying upon such a method, the Real Act to go
has been realized again.

6. The two factors of a person to go and an Action to go itself, are so combined confirmedly,

And so the two parts of the confirmedly combined into one have
been produced so hard.

Therefore, what might be produced, may become the object of so
hard criticism,

And so there may be no sufficient possibility for such a production
shall be realized actually.

7. When someone has been criticized because of having made mistakes,

The action, which has been done, usually would not become clear.

Furthermore, usually the person, who has committed it, is not clear,

In such situations where does the criminal exist even in future?

8. An Action to go does never go ahead,

And similarly an Action not to go does never go ahead at all.

A different person other than who goes, does never go,

And then what kind of the third person, actually goes?

9. A fact that a motion to go moves even a bit,

Can never occur even in future at all.

If we are relying upon only our Action to do without any
personal decision to work,

Then any kinds of phenomena do not manifest themselves at all for

10. The opinion that one of the two between the person to go and the
Action to go, goes,

Has too much one-sided attitude in decision of selecting that or

In the action to go, there is no person, who acts.

Therefore it might be hopeful that the person, who acts, likes the
action to do so much.

11. In the real act to go, the two factors of a real act to go and a
physical motion to go are enormously combined with each other.

And in that case a person, who goes, is also emphasized actually.

In such a situation a person, who likes to get the position of the job

Will get the job relying upon the adequate method to go on.
12. It is impossible that a real act to go might be born in a memory of
having gone at all,

And it is also impossible that a real act to go might be born in a
supposition in future.

And it is also impossible that a real act to go might actually realize
itself in recognition of going on,

Therefore in any case it is perfectly impossible for us to fix the time
of starting a Real Act to go actually.

13. If the start of real act to go hasn't become going on,

It is impossible for the state of going to appear at all, and it is also
impossible for the act of having gone to stop.

In such a situation it is necessary for the Real Act to go should be
done actually,

And it is completely impossible for the real act not to be done at

14. How is it possible for having gone to be the same as going on

How is it possible for having gone to be the same as not having
gone, or how is it for having gone to be replaced with others?

The idea that there might be something, which can not be seen,
may exists as the first step,

But the all cases actually belong to the Real Action to go totally.

15. The motion to go is not stagnant,

And in the same situations the motion not to go, is not stagnant.

And all kinds of other Action, which do not belong to either to
go, or not to go, do not belong to Action to go,

Then what kind of third one is stagnant in that case?

16. A fact that a motion to go has tendency to be stagnant even a little,

Does never manifest itself even in future at all.

Without a motion to go, relying upon only the Real Action to go,

The Real Action can never occur at all even at any time.

17. Leaving a state of going on, the stagnation does never exist,

And leaving from having gone, or leaving from not having gone,
the stagnation does never exist also.

When a Real Action to go has manifested itself,

Then in the case of stopping Action, or in the case of going to act,
situations are perfectly balanced.

18. When the Real Act to go motion to go balanced,

The real situation is just the balanced state, but such a kind of
balanced state, is never attached.

In another words the balanced state is just also the motion to go.

And the expression, メrelying upon the motion to goモ, is not so
reliable expression.

19. When a Real Action to go is just the same as a motion to go,

The Real Fact exists really just as the same as the example, which
really exists, then,

The Real Thing, which is going to become into one,

And so the efforts to produce something, and the real Act to
produce something, might be the same actually.

20. In another method it is just coming back to a motion to go.

And in that case consideration might be changed from Action

In that case the Real Action to go might move to motion to
And the motion to go might move leaving from the Real Action to

21. Relying upon becoming into one totally, or accomplishing the

Or relying upon miscellaneous methods, or relying upon including
the method above too,

But it is impossible for us to recognize the two targets together at

And so, how is it possible for us to hit the two targets together at

22. Relying upon a concrete motion to go, it is possible for us to
set away the Real Action to go,

The subject of going and the object of going do not go ahead

Therefore before the motion to go doesn't exist really,

Some kind of receptacle with subjective layers and objective
layers, goes on ahead.

23. Relying upon a concrete motion to go, some expansion actually
goes, is development.

And actually speaking, anything other than that does not go

A concrete going does never appear being divided into two.

Therefore relying upon such a situation, it is possible for us to
keep authority relying upon only going on.

24. The Real Existence, the Real Action to go, and the Real
Motion to go,

Those three kinds of Real Existences are Real, but those each three
does never go on separately.

The not-real existences can never be the Real Act to go,

And the three kinds of Real Existence go on as the Reality.

25. A Real Action to go, the Real World itself, and the Unreal World,

Those three kinds of layers do never go ahead at all.

Therefore the going to go, the persons to have worked,

And the processes, which have been realized, are completely
impossible for everyone to see at all.

Friday, August 7, 2009

An interpretative translation of MMK.

Recently I have begun to write "An interpretative translation of MMK" in my document in Word, and so I would like to show the same document in my Dogen Sangha Blog too.

A Song of The Fundamental Truth on The Middle Way

[1] Examination of The Real Truth (14 Verse)

1. The Real Truth is different from subjective ideas, which have been produced in human brain, or the Real Truth is never sense stimuli, which have been received from the external world.

The Real Truth is not the mixture of the subjective ideas or the
objective sense stimuli, but The Real Truth is never anything

Miscellaneous things and phenomena are always manifesting
themselves as they are.

And what is called existence does never exist really anywhere, or
does not exist in anything.

2. The Real Truth as four are Reason, which is pervading through the

The external world, which is hanging in front of us, and the present
moment, at which our action is always done,

And the Reality, which seems to be the Ruler of all things and

But the Real Truth, which is No. 5, does never exist anywhere at

3. A Real Act to go belong to the motion of going,

And so how is it necessary for a Real Action to have any kind of
different name at all.

The states of going on have always have the two kinds of going, that
is, the motion of going, and the other is the progress of going. ,

Therefore in that case there is no new appearance at all.

4. The Real Act to go always belongs to the motion of going,

And something related with going on, and something related with the Real Action, have combined into one.

The True Reality can never be an imitation of Real Action,

Because it is clear that something, which might be the same as a
continuous Action, really exists in front of us.

5. In the continuity of going on, and in the Real Action of going on,

What is called the attached situations may be the two kinds of
separated parts,

The one is just the concrete facts of continuous going on,

And the other is just the Real Act here, which is the Real Action to
go here again.

6. The two factors, the one is a person to go and the other is an Action to be done, are combined into one,

The two factors of the Real Action to go, that is, a person to go, and
an Action to be done, are combined into one confirmedly.

Generally speaking, a person, who is criticized by others, is prone
to be the objects of othersユ censure.

Therefore the problem of Action to go itself is prone to disappear

7. When a person, who acts, is criticized,

A problem of the Real Action to do, does not appear actually to be
the special object discussed at all.

If there were no chance for everyone to do anything at all,
it might be very happy,

But where is it possible for anyone to have such a happy condition,
even anywhere at all?

8. Just the hanging world is this world,

Therefore the Real Universe has been shown already.

Just in the hanging world, or in the Universe,

Where is it necessary for us to find the hanging world again?

9. In the Universe, which hasnユt been accomplished yet,

The self-regulation does never appear actually at all.

The ceaseless considerations can never be any kind of fetters for
us at all.

The Real Truth in our self-regulation might be just something

10. All existences themselves originally do not have any characteristics,

The facts of existences are never recognized as something

And even though there is an idea that this world is existing relying
upon the world itself,

Such situations of the real world can never be seen like that at

11. Never being scattered from each other, or accumulated together,

Because of the Real Truth, a concrete result does exist really.

But how is it possible for the result to be, relying upon the True

However in that case the result is never expected because of relying
upon such miscellaneous Real Truths.

12. Actually there, something real, and even something concrete,

Are going on following miscellaneous Real Truth itself.

In the case relying upon the wrong Real Truth, all things and
phenomenon will vanish,

But it is perfectly impossible for result itself to go ahead at all.

13. Actually speaking, results are just enemies against the Real Truth,

And the Real Truths just hurts poor people.

Even though result has tendency to bring up poverty,

How is it possible for result to have the power to destroy the
Real Truth absolutely?

14. Therefore result can never have any power to destroy the Real
Truth at all.

And at the same time result does never have any power to destroy
wrong Real Truth at all.

When we have got from the synthetic point of view that result
does never actually exist at all,

Where can we find the Real World, which is constructed from the
combination of Real Truth and wrong Real Truth together totally?

Information of moving the residence

In the last July I have moved my residence from Itabashi Ward in Tokyo to Toshima Ward in Tokyo as follows.

The new residence : Zip. 171-0031:Mejiro 1-4-15, 1-306, Toshima Ward, Tokyo, Japan.

Tel. 03-6912-5878