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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dear Ven. Harry San and Dear Ven. Wooci San.

Dear Ven. Harry San and Dear Ven. Woochi San,

Because of my poor ability for computer, I have lost your each comment from my computer, but fortunately I have left the copies of your comments, and so I would like to send my each answer to you again.

Ven. Harry San's question,

"Dear Sensei,

Thank-you for the message about zazen.

At the zazen group I attend, someone asked the question 'Why do you zazen?'

The most honest answer to this question I could think of is simply because I have trained myself to do zazen like a habit. I had no other more impressive or complicated aswer to the question. I find this answer a bit strange, and I think other people do also, but I can't really think of a more direct and true answer at the moment.

How would you answer the questin 'Why do you do zazen?

Thanks and Regards,


Gudo's answer : When I was asked from someone 'Why do you do zazen?", I usually answer that I always practice Zazen everyday, because of keeping my autonomic nervous system should be balanced everyday.

Ven. Woochi San's question,

" Master Nishijima,

I was very moved about how you said, "It is not to necessary for us to get the so-called enlightenment. Because the so-called enlightenment is just a Romantic story, which many children love."

The goal of the practice of zazen and Buddhism to just simply be, right?

Also, it troubles me that there are sects of Buddhism that believe in a 'god', that they will become god once enlightened, and other mystical beliefs. What attitude should I take towards this?

Guudo's Answer : The true enlightenment can never be any kind of sudden change, which many ignorant people might admire, but it is very quiet and balanced situations of the autonomic nervous system.

When we continue our practice of Zazen everyday, we can naturally enter into the balanced state of the autonomic nervous system, and if we continue our daily practice of Zazen everyday, it is impossible for us to leave from the balanced state of the autonomic nervous system at all.

In other words, if we can keep our autonomic nervous system balanced everyday, it is impossible for us to lose the balanced state of the autonomic nervous system at all.

Therefore if we practice Zazen everday, it might be impossible for everyone to leave the state of enlghtenment at all.


Blogger Harry said...

Dear Sensei,

Thank-you very much for your answer.

To use the traditional term, what is the 'karmic' implication of balanced Action?



5:37 PM, April 29, 2010  
Blogger Unknown said...

Dear Nishijima,

I´m very glad you are back!

It´s been 3 whole months since I started my everyday zazen ritual. In the first month, 15 minutes. Now, 30 hard minutes. I do the practice sitting in my bed, facing an almost white wall. I have a problem to calm my eyes, so when I find a small spot in the wall ( a tiny point. Almost imperceptible.) I can stop them and concentrate. I also light a lamp next to me so the room gets a litle brighter. Is it OK?

My best regards,


8:51 AM, April 30, 2010  
Blogger GUDO NISHIJIMA said...

Dear Ven. Harry San,

The balanced Action in Buddhism is the True Action, and so the balanced Action can never have any 'karmic implication.

Dear Ven. Gustavo San,

If it is a little difficult for you to practice Zazen more than 15 minutes so far, it might be better for you to continue your 15 minutes practice further, and when you have accustomed yourself to practice Zazen for 15 minutes, it is better for you to prolong the time of Zazen to 30 minutes, of course.

5:07 PM, April 30, 2010  
Blogger Harry said...

Thank-you, Roshi.

Can't we say that the fact that balanced Action can never have any 'karmic implication' is itself a signifigant implication about karma?

Looked at from the perspective of the totality of our lives it seems that we must also consider balanced Action from the perspective of our karma-conditioned activity.



9:00 PM, April 30, 2010  
Blogger GUDO NISHIJIMA said...

Dear Ven. Harry San,

I think that we, Human Being, have our ability to decide our Action by ourselves perfectly.

The ideas that our Actions are decided by other's will, or circumstances, might be some kinds of cowardly apology.

We, Human Beings, have duty to do everything by ourselves.

6:39 PM, September 10, 2010  

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