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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Truth and the Buddhism

When Buddhism is the Truth, there is no problem, but if Buddhism were not the Truth, there might be a problem. Therefore I think whether Buddism might be the Truth, or not, is very important problem.
And when we think whether Buddhism is the Truth, or not, what Gautama Buddha taught us is the Truth, or not, is the very important problem. And thinking what Gautama Buddha has been insisting, I think that He, Gautama Buddha, has found that this world is existing as this world really. Because when he has arrived at the Truth, it is said that "He, Gautama Buddha, himself says that "Mountains, Rivers, Grass, and Trees have become perfectly Buddhas." And the facts suggest that at that time Gautama Buddha recognizes that the Whole World are just the Truth.
Therefore we can think that at that time Gautama Buddha recognized clearly that this World is just "the Real World, which are Mountains, Rivers, Grass, and Trees, themselves."
In other words, "this World is just Mountains, Rivers, Grass, and Trees, and so forth, and those are just things and phenomena."
In the other words there is possibility that this world is just what we are looking at them as they are, might be Reality itself. In other words we have some kind of possibility, that we, Human Beings, have possibility that we are just living in Reality itself actually.


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